Mar 23, 2015

#Zanzibar #wonders

Zanzibar is the island of wonders. If you want to be surprised by super sweet beaches with white sand, you want to explore the world of spices or not to be afraid to be touched by the history of slave trade, please go and pay them the visit. The island is full of ancient historical buildings and it is indeed a mixture of old and new in one place, all that partly because of the various conquerors and tourism that kind of saves the island, of course, besides the spice trade. (More about it soon :)

 But you know. Why should I show you boring pictures of the beaches looking like as copied from the  tourist magazines when you actually find Mickey Mouse on the door wall of Stone City. I had to! It was again another proof for me and hopefully for you others that we´re going the right direction. DREAMERS ARE EVERYWHERE! Let´s not be fooled that dreams are not coming true!

People there are great sellers by heart (just an informal idea for companies regarding finally funny Sales trainings :) but also kind and simple in their living standards. I could not but only to admire all the hard working men and quiet but noble women wearing the colorful scarfs in so many unexpected ways and combinations I cannot even describe.. Color-blocking is indeed a weak term for that.   

But the life on the island(s) is not one of fashion. Because there is no spare money. And I was reminded again and again that the most important things in life are not things but people and ability to be able to work and be active, whatever that might mean with regard to the place where you are currently living. So. Let´s keep on walking and leaving some footprints not only in the sand but also in the lives of others.. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT OUR LIVES ARE FOR. LIVING FULLY AND HOPEFULLY CREATING SOMETHINGS PRECIOUS THAT SURPASSES US. :) 

Mar 2, 2015

#handmade #minimalism #2

I made a list. Another one full of dreams wishing to come true this year. And I wanted to post it so much on the blog. But then I decided to wait. And I am finding out that some things have been worth waiting for. As this custom made handbag. It is a Christmas gift I gave myself for all the work I did last year. It wasn´t an easy one. However as this year some of the things on the list have already happened without any special calculation, I need to admit, this saying of "going back to the roots" starts to have a different meaning for me. Because the most precious things in life should not be disclosed unless they are real in their fullness. Appreciated deeply and in quiet happiness.. 

 I am discovering (and hopefully I haven´t been that absent-minded as it sounds) that the handcrafts and preserving precious things is better than buying new ones. I have always dreamed of a perfect bag. And perfect pair of sandals. Perfect skirt. And therefore I still have half of the closet waiting for somebody in need who needs clothes for wearing and caring, somebody who REALLY needs them.

 For I am discovering that perfect does not always need to be the most expensive thing or something that I crave for only for few minutes or days. Sometimes it is the love and attention to detail behind it, what makes things (or people) to be perfect. Just as they are. Without dreaming of changing it.
Am I becoming a real fool or finally there are some signs of an adulthood? Only God knows. 
But I am thankful. 

This time next week I am in Zanzibar. Finally resting. And testing. And breathing. And deciding. 
What kind of life I REALLY want to have.