Apr 26, 2014

#Selfies Excuse

Dear all, despite I studied Psychology for five years it seems we all need to learn very fast if we want to be on the track and still not miss what is going on around us. I noticed that especially when Ellen made that popular #Selfie Pic during Oscar Night immediately we had a new phenomena being described by some Psychologists even as a Mental Disorder what actually shocked me firstly..  

But later.. I had to admit even before myself that I am a part of the phenomena myself. I do not know if you also have the friend on the phone when trying the new cloths when shopping alone because something urgent came up and you have at the moment nothing appropriate to wear for an event starting in two hours. So I find my cellphone loaded with these pictures of shoes I tried and asked  via them meanwhile which one to buy or dresses whose colors I wasn´t sure about or even standing on the tram stop and taking picture of what I am wearing to work so that I can later remember that this combination isn´t bad at all. Well. Yep. I am guilty too. Nevertheless.

  I found out I have several EXCUSES for such a ´´mental illness´´:
1. Selfies help you remember things you want to remember (nice dress, gift for a colleague)
2. Selfies can be nice gifts for friends or family who do not use social media (as my father)
3. Selfies can make you look and feel better when there are tons of burdens you are carrying in this tough world and you are in a need of a nice compliment or support from beloved friends who are far away from you as they also have their jobs, live on other part of the planet or so.. Instant Psycho Help.
4. Selfies can be addictive, I admit, but they can help you change perspective on yourself.
Am I better with the glasses or without them? Shoud I be a blond or redhead?
5. Yes, it may be egocentric but in this time when everybody is hurrying up somewhere and we all want to be everywhere and up-to date how on earth should I share interesting moments from my life with more than 600 friends having on Facebook not even mentioning almost 2000 people I have been connected with via LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram??? And I have not yet even started with Pinterest or Foursquare. Yes. WE ALL LIVE ONLY ONE LIFE.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share it with you even if I would love to.
Therefore the Selfies, there this Blog, therefore the Instagram Pics, therefore the Social Media.


And we all need to be selective what is important and with whom we want to share those precious moments. Unfortunately it is so. Social media are not here to be a burden but they ease up things. I am glad they exist and we can be all in touch through them. Aren´t you??? :)

Apr 15, 2014

Alice in Wonderland..

I have to say unfortunately but yet gratefully that in my three years and something of working in business I have experienced many things. Fun at work, creativity at work, teambuildings at work without actually having those "teambuildings", lies at work and many other things at work that you apparently cannot write into ones blog. Despite my experience that is quite wider and deeper that I ever wished for in such a short time, I somehow still cannot understand how it can happen that if you are by some chance the successful one, you will sooner or later be punished by others, more jealous ones, despite you are doing your best and the talent and energy is there, too.

I just feel like have a sigh, and tell you, I WONDER.
And I indeed wonder like ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Why do those people do that?
Should we all switch into a different career so that we work just with people who appreciate our jobs as such without the judgment or jealousy? Well. I don´t know really.. (Yep, 5 years of psychology didn´t help here). But as my father says as a response to my own imaginary question, there can´t be only presidents, lawyers and actors. Somebody has to sweep the floors, care for the roads, open the shops.. And supposedly, there have to be apparently two sides of the coin at once so that one can represent the dark and one can be the BRIGHTER opposite. Let´s be it then. :) We all want peace, right? :)

Let´s hope the law of attraction works and I will be continuously meeting those nice and skillful people as a reward for these life misunderstandings sometimes :)

                                                      Cheers to you all!!!

Life is too short to suffer for unimportant things.

Apr 10, 2014


Inspiration comes from anywhere.. 

And..This gift I will gladly receive any time.. :)

just FYI :)

Apr 8, 2014

You have to have goals!!!

This is the sentence I heard yesterday when I was talking to a guy trying to place me somewhere in between his drawing of square of successful working people.. Btw. just in case you did not know.. There are Employers, Self-employers, Big Companies Managers and Investors..  I told him about my plans (he was supposed to have lots of years of soft skills training behind) and he still was trying to tell me there is only one precise way how to build up a working system as such, beneficial to all,  and despite I told him my vision he replied that without any specific goals for myself  I am going to be utterly lost (as Alice in Wonderland I supppose, fortunately I have the book already bought, just in case.. :). Is it just me that somehow I have troubles to be understood that  many times there needs to be a VISION first, couple of first-step goals set up and ONLY AFTER THAT you can learn and discover what to add further?
Fortunately and thankfully, I already learnt that life is so unpredictable that one can never know for sure whether it is wise to plan everything in advance. We need to have some HUMILITY in all this.

Apr 2, 2014



I had a chance to visit one Lady club lately..

Unexpectedly there came a moment where one lady described herself as a women coach and a feminist at the same time and there happened an unexpected mild attack from another lady asking what is the reason she describes herself in such a way, that this word is so much connected with assertiveness, coldness and intellectual women who usually are not that beautiful, that it is not safe according to her to describe oneself this way.. I was shocked indeed but fortunately with that particular lady we were able to explain that Feminism can be understood in many ways and one of them that WOMEN ARE SIMPLY WOMEN (actually different from the description above) and that we have nothing to be ashamed of when being compared to MEN.
We are just smart and skillful, too. To be valued and honored is not an unusual desire. :)
My dear nation, I feel like asking.. When do we stop with prejudices?
How about starting reading something else that Slovak newspaper?
I do not care whether Boris has another child or Mariana lost her job.

I want relevant information and I am still missing them.


p.s. Sending hereby regards to my colleagues at work, who love the heels (not like me :) for they are so woman-like and flattering to the body.. Well. Different tastes make COLORFUL LIFE. :)

Apr 1, 2014

Have you gone out?

So.. what about you?
Have you gone out during the weekend and now you work as much as possible?

Or we should go ´take it easy´ style for this week? :)