Apr 26, 2014

#Selfies Excuse

Dear all, despite I studied Psychology for five years it seems we all need to learn very fast if we want to be on the track and still not miss what is going on around us. I noticed that especially when Ellen made that popular #Selfie Pic during Oscar Night immediately we had a new phenomena being described by some Psychologists even as a Mental Disorder what actually shocked me firstly..  

But later.. I had to admit even before myself that I am a part of the phenomena myself. I do not know if you also have the friend on the phone when trying the new cloths when shopping alone because something urgent came up and you have at the moment nothing appropriate to wear for an event starting in two hours. So I find my cellphone loaded with these pictures of shoes I tried and asked  via them meanwhile which one to buy or dresses whose colors I wasn´t sure about or even standing on the tram stop and taking picture of what I am wearing to work so that I can later remember that this combination isn´t bad at all. Well. Yep. I am guilty too. Nevertheless.

  I found out I have several EXCUSES for such a ´´mental illness´´:
1. Selfies help you remember things you want to remember (nice dress, gift for a colleague)
2. Selfies can be nice gifts for friends or family who do not use social media (as my father)
3. Selfies can make you look and feel better when there are tons of burdens you are carrying in this tough world and you are in a need of a nice compliment or support from beloved friends who are far away from you as they also have their jobs, live on other part of the planet or so.. Instant Psycho Help.
4. Selfies can be addictive, I admit, but they can help you change perspective on yourself.
Am I better with the glasses or without them? Shoud I be a blond or redhead?
5. Yes, it may be egocentric but in this time when everybody is hurrying up somewhere and we all want to be everywhere and up-to date how on earth should I share interesting moments from my life with more than 600 friends having on Facebook not even mentioning almost 2000 people I have been connected with via LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram??? And I have not yet even started with Pinterest or Foursquare. Yes. WE ALL LIVE ONLY ONE LIFE.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share it with you even if I would love to.
Therefore the Selfies, there this Blog, therefore the Instagram Pics, therefore the Social Media.


And we all need to be selective what is important and with whom we want to share those precious moments. Unfortunately it is so. Social media are not here to be a burden but they ease up things. I am glad they exist and we can be all in touch through them. Aren´t you??? :)

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