May 17, 2016

Experiment.. #3 Experiments are here for testing..

Dear all. Is it possible that a girl can no longer write because there is something going on and she cannot express it properly? Apparently, that was not even a proper question. It is happening. 

Despite my life is not that hectic as it might seem, I am loosing my urge to write everything down. I am switching cities like socks, passing the walls of different buildings, savouring their atmosphere and daily live workflows, but it feels like I am moving from one place another in a  bubble. 

And my used up suitcase is always around of course. Life of a constant traveller' might be colourful and adventurous, but is is also exhausting. You start to save up words, energy. You feel like you are walking on an unstable rope or hanging in the air like this poor Lenin's statue in Prague.

I still love pictures and photos, actually more and more, so I guess I will share those from time to time. They capture some of the moments around me, about me, moments where I have certain feelings and memories... 

But otherwise, some of the things might stay behind. 

Worries about my sister being in hospital, feelings of uncertainty when evaluating your decisions, procrastination and fear from the unknown, also a bit of exhaustion of travelling. With a purpose of course, but still. Am I calming down (or going mad?) and I do not know what is any longer good or not or what? :) One way or another, I am overwhelmed by undefined mass of constant happenings.  

Maybe I just need a holiday and will be back soon.. :) 

I am a bit sad I am not good at keeping in touch and writing posts regularly.. Somehow I am a bit of everything these days and I am not sure it is of added value.. So. I guess I am sending regards with this message to all of you and I am attaching a photo I took in Berlin in a flea market. 


I am saying this to myself from time to time but also to my blogging, so I guess life will still go on without it and new things would happen instead soon :) Let's get surprised. 

I will write again when I would feel like writing again. Meanwhile, the only social channel I use on a daily basis is my Instagram, so feel free to check it out. 

With love and hugs for now to all of you who still read these posts, 
Yours truly,