Jun 28, 2013

Bright light..

My dear ones.. At certain point of my life I started to wear colours. I know it might seem a natural thing for those of you who got to know me in the last two years, but I can tell you I wore black for most of the time in past 10 years. There were indeed several serious reasons for that but sooner you find out life is too short to be predictable you have to act. And therefore this season is for me all about white. For some of us it is the colour of weddings and purity, for others, in different parts of the world, it is a color of saying goodbye to a loved one, celebration of his/her life. Today these two aspects are presented in one simple and ordinary picture. But though I am smiling, a loved one has died recently.. and I would only like to say:
                                    LIFE OF EVERYONE IS A BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE.

                                                                 ACT ACCORDINGLY.

Jun 27, 2013


You could have notice that I mentioned to you couple of times how my efforts to learn French continue. I have to say that if it has not been for Ivana, my colleague and Olivier, my conversations teacher, the need to learn French would stay just at that point without movement. Therefore I am really thankful for those hours spent in attemps to speak French, because #1. I can understand my boss what is rather a nice thing, #2. I can imagine myself walking in the streets of Paris during the shopping sales which are currently happening. I definitely recommend you to INVEST IN YOURSELF. Further education is new MUST.

Jun 26, 2013

Casual Wednesday..

I quite enjoy working at the city centre.. Especially when I need to walk for only 25 minutes to get to work, helpful assett indeed when you wake up after a long night spent with wonderful friend and fantastic wine.. The only solution for surviving a day are then COLOURS and MAKE-UP - actually, the best style advice ever given by my aunt Jana M..

Jun 24, 2013


 If you ever thought of sneaking into people´s lives I can offer you a wonderful page I check quite often. The page full of tastes, architecture, lifestyle and passion for life. SOUSSTYLE. If you are interested, go check yourself. Find the daily routines of young and successfull modern people, discover tastes of juicy recipes, imagine yourself in the quest of house hunting, learn from the professionals of how to clean your house, steal the tips for travelling from the travellers experience, and follow the news in fashion..

Massage and the message..

It turns out once I start doing something I have never experienced before, it soon becomes my favorite thing. Like this " after first massage moments".. I actually LOVE IT, I admit.. I am even willing to buy less stuff just so that I have money for this out of body experience!!!

Am I the only one who has not tried yet massages and its health effect?

Simply home..

It is indeed miraculous how life can change within minutes.. One second you are flying and the other one you are falling.. Down from your rainbow of hope.. But only for some time, I tend to remind myself.. Therefore I have a new quest ahead.. finding the right place for me to live in, to create at, to belong to, to dwell, to relax, to cry at, to laugh at, to invites friend to..

                                                        SIMPLY HOME..

Jun 20, 2013


Usúdila som, že so správnym postojom sa dá i teplo prežiť. Jednoduchá premyslená vecička na sebe, úsmev a ostáva len presvedčiť šéfa, že v tomto teple sa predsa nedá pracovať!!! Tak čoskoro ma už stretnete pri najbližšej vode, "mission completed".. :)

Jun 16, 2013

Jun 13, 2013


I recently found out that despite my utmost endeavors some things in life are inevitable.. And you have to face them whether you like it or not and act accordingly, go on nevertheless what.. When everything around falls apart, sometimes there is only one solution to all the mess..  Heads up, legs up and..


                                             I decided to wait.. And will let you know the result..

Jun 3, 2013

Flow of words..

 So I found myself talking these days about things I long for, about my cravings, my opinions, my worries, most importantly, ME in an honest way, with a little bit of risk that you are showing your true SELF.. And somehow when I combine this with other people´s interests, it is still managable to be in harmony.. Everything, even weather that is the discussion point of almost everyone around.. even this is during some precious moments managable. And therefore I flee often and walk and seek the NATURE. For I find it worth to bow down and enjoy the moments of being without worrying.. There is always a WAY..

                                            But you know it too..  Go and seek yourself!