Jun 28, 2013

Bright light..

My dear ones.. At certain point of my life I started to wear colours. I know it might seem a natural thing for those of you who got to know me in the last two years, but I can tell you I wore black for most of the time in past 10 years. There were indeed several serious reasons for that but sooner you find out life is too short to be predictable you have to act. And therefore this season is for me all about white. For some of us it is the colour of weddings and purity, for others, in different parts of the world, it is a color of saying goodbye to a loved one, celebration of his/her life. Today these two aspects are presented in one simple and ordinary picture. But though I am smiling, a loved one has died recently.. and I would only like to say:
                                    LIFE OF EVERYONE IS A BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE.

                                                                 ACT ACCORDINGLY.

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