Dec 29, 2015

2015. The Year of Ashes and Phoenixes..

Dear 2015. 

You indeed managed to surprise me in EVERY way possible. 

It all started on the last day of 2014 by accepting a last-minute invitation to come to Prague to the theatre with a new friend that wanted to say thanks. Having in mind what I wrote here on the blog only two days before that "how we should all do something unexpected", I simply went. I took this totally un-selfie :) picture when travelling there ready to leave the old year behind and welcome the new one with hope and smile. I still remember how on a way to the theatre I was listening to "how great Prague is" and that I should leave Bratislava, too. I laughed at the friend that night a lot..


Just by one turning-around I bumped into someone very special. And sooner than expected, with some risk taken and curiosity, too, the HEART started to beat differently and nobody could stop it. It just went on with the invisible flow, beating stronger and stronger. LOVE. What else. And as it is usually in Life, when you are dealing with the most crucial issues, they happen to come all at once. Maybe it is a version of someone's mercy, you have the despair served to its fullest and if you do not get crazy out of it, you might actually end up either stronger or not realising you got crazy :)

So with all of this floating happiness combined with craziness, things were messing up elsewhere. The urgency to fix the living for me and my sister Veronika in Bratislava arose suddenly as we could no longer stay at the place we liked. 4 months of my life and some grey hair were the bonus and the cost of the new place. This time it is OURS at least. :) With Veronika we moved out and we moved in. And I knew it was time for me to move even further on. So I did. I turned into Alice in Wonderland, constantly visiting new places, questioning everything, trying everything and I haven't indeed stopped wondering from that time on.. 

I quit my safe job and risked. Thanks to someone's infinite patience and understanding that good timing is sometimes better than human plans, the right job waited for me despite I firstly chose something else. Now, it is Love again. I am helping to build a company and the pride and meaning coming with it cannot be described in words. It is easy to build a start-up with lots of investors but it is more rewarding when you choose freedom instead. You invest more, your losses hurt deeply, but it gives you the purpose and motivation to work hard. And when you combine it with the right people that trust each other you suddenly catch yourself feeling at work like somewhere where you belong. Place, where you can play and learn, work and grow, where even the fighting is allowed when you take it with ease and respect. :)

But in between my long battle of choosing the right job, the most radical thing was happening. I was moving out again. This time to Prague. More packing and unpacking but this time spiced up with lots and lots of love and support in various forms and shapes, sparkle and fun, meeting new people, being in new places, exploring new tastes and smells, correcting my beliefs and values, watching the sun and moon moving constantly while weather started to change slowly. I let myself go wild and childish, boldly facing the fear of the unknown. Did I loose something? Of course. But I hope I gained much more. Experience for sure and some wisdom hopefully. Maybe it is my destiny to be moving out and moving in and moving on, adapting to changes, testing new waters and changing colours accordingly.. It is funny that at the end of this madness I realised I actually fulfilled unconsciously what I had written down on paper for myself a year ago.


I am glad and relieved that the year 2015 is coming to its end. I faced a thunderstorm (caused by myself partially, too :) and for sure I did things I would never say I would do a year ago. But for a glimpse of a second I actually feel similarly as the last year. Peaceful in mind and thankful for every day of this year. No matter what the taste of it was. I am in the right place at the right time and the rest will come along the way. 

I have new hopes, dreams and wishes for the new year but I also respect the unknown. Because this year confirmed it itself again. You can have lots of plans to work on but it is essential to be flexible and attentive to what really matters. Because THAT FORCE is changing it all.

                                         MAKE LOVE HAPPEN, 
This is my wish for all of you for THE NEW YEAR of 2016. 


Dec 17, 2015

When I am 30.. I am 30..

Oh dear. :)

Entering this charming number came with sort of mixed feelings. I heard that the days of my twenties are actually behind me and approaching is the age of new .. everything! I have to hereby confess that from the age of 7 I started to read COSMOPOLITANS (my dad used to buy them for my mom and I still know some issues by heart) with the real and firing urge to be ALREADY 30 if not 40. You know, "carrying"!!! designer business suits, buying luxurious handbags and so on.. (all the things I tried to experience a bit with the exception of high heels, maybe I will start growing up a bit later in this area  - loo lazy or too picky if you want to wear only Jimmy Choo's or Manolo's :)

BUT, did I have poor childhood because of that? Or hard life? I do not think so! :) It was kind of dreamy, full of books and people and hobbies. I had luxury of time. I knew I have to work hard if I want to go up and be successful. Compared with all the challenges kids have nowadays I have never hunted my dreams as radically and without boundaries as some of the younger girls do nowadays, so I guess I managed everything pretty fine and without a shame.. :)

As you might think I should say something sophisticated once I am 30, I just want to share this now.
Funny facts are coming with the age. While my family is expecting me to settle down, I more and more feel like this little girl that I know for ages talking to herself (BUT AN EXPERIENCED ONE NOW OF COURSE!) is going WILDER AND WILDER WITH TIME. In her dreams, ideas, plans. I FEEL THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO DO CRAZY THINGS AND CRAZY INVESTMENTS, NOW IS ALSO TIME NOT TO REGRET ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS GAIN SOMETHING OUT OF IT. (hopefully, not weight :)

SO at my AGE OF 30.
I want some things for MYSELF. 
I want a MAN for me.
I want my TIME for me to manage (Doesn't matter if I dream, write, work, walk or sleep)
I want my HOME to feel at home. (If you travel for 15 years, you understand)
I want my CAREER to be MINE. 
I want to be treated NICELY. 


I also want to SHARE ME MORE.
I want to LEARN MORE, 
I want to BUILD something non-material and ESTABLISH something great.
I want to CONTRIBUTE to society with MORE SIGNIFICANCE. 
I want to HELP MORE. 
(Accepting any kind of invitations to help, but I have to remind you, I have a cleaning lady myself! :)

I will describe at the end of the year what has changed during these crazy 12 months but the outcome of it is that I haven't seen my friends - AND IT MEANS YOU - FOR AGES!!! I was being tossed in constant flow of change, trying to adapt to all the challenges that were coming my way so intensely. And if there weren't by any luck none, I just needed to be myself, rest, read, think, dream, plan, wonder, explore Prague - my new hometown. I do not want to apologise but to explain..  I needed some time to settle down, to settle my whole life elsewhere and build a new home, too. 






Nov 18, 2015

Time that boosts creativity..

Is usually the underrated TIME OFF. I have kind of an unusual working period right now. When you are witnessing and contributing to a new company's (or companies? :) establishment with all that is included, you often find out suddenly you have a different perspective on many things. The most surprisingly, you start dealing with the issues you never had to deal with before. I am not going to tell you anything scandalous (sorry, no gossip here) but I am more and more convinced it is good to step aside and wait when dealing with important matters, take some TIME OFF, especially if your decisions will influence you and others later in the future.

Therefore to the general potential disbelief, I am supposed to take some time off, do my research, generate ideas without push, take a break and use it for good purpose. So I did. 

When you are trying to find a work-life balance sometimes you have to learn it the hard way. And sometimes not. One way or another, it is always good to remind ourselves life is not only about work.  Because only after that you naturally come back to it, bringing refreshment and new ideas with you.

The more free you feel as a person, 
the more freely you will give 
when it comes to all aspects of life. 
And you will suddenly know that this is your life's purpose at a specific time. 

Nov 7, 2015

New hair brings new air..

With a lot of travelling lately I am not meeting with all of you very often. Because of that everyone seeing me after some time is quite surprised how much my hair has changed. What used to be an indeed shiny orange messy colour is now something between orange and blond and kind of a hay something on my head. It wasn't planned very much but I somehow felt I want to keep this light summer feeling for a bit longer and I stayed with the colour from then on..  Not only I like it and my boyfriend does, too, I was also told last week by one man that I looked really scary as a redhead before and he was afraid to approach me!!! I did not know that I was a walking redhead monster!!! I laughed a lot after wondering why on earth didn't you all tell me I am putting off everyone with it? :)

So as I was given this great news that now men are no longer afraid to approach me, the burden is over and I can start to live my life more freely :) I actually also found out where was the problem with me and my preference for the favourite black colour. I simply didn't feel I can afford to wear anything else with such a striking hair besides black and white. I was always sticking to the same style and colours over and over while loosing all kinds of colour combinations only to find out that with a less striking hair I can actually afford wearing almost anything! So the season of combining is starting again. I do not know where I will end up but I will make sure to keep you posted! :)

So after you have read this little contribution about nothing from me and you have just realised it has no real value whatsoever, maybe it is time to realise that instead of being online so much you should GO OUT IMMEDIATELY, THE WEATHER IS ASKING FOR IT :) 

Oct 27, 2015

Red and green..

During the last weeks I felt the contrast of two different world views. "I can't and everything is unfair in this world" and "I can do whatever I want and I am the creator of things".

I just want to say. DO NOT EVER WAIT FOR MIRACLES. They do exist and they come when we do not expect them at all but life is about CHOICES. I have seen how some of us are uncomfortable when life is not going as it should be. I myself had to do some unpleasant things this year, move three times to different places, I even changed jobs twice. But the result is worth it, I created home in two cities and I am creating home even at work. And it was all so worth it!!! 

SO accept anything that is unpleasant and move forward. ("Na zastrelu" sign is simply a very innocent coincidence of our street from different angle but actually shows the point:). KILL THE USELESS STUFF. AND WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, START DOING IT NOW. 

I am going to LEARN GERMAN and enjoy the autumn atmosphere in both Bratislava and Prague.
I am going to buy home some HOT CHOCOLATE AND WARM COLORFUL SOCKS.
I am going to buy myself some CRAZY HAT, too!!! (I will not be the only one out there :)

Last, but not least, I am going to plan some ridiculous TROPICAL HOLIDAY after Christmas. 


Start fulfilling your dreams and RISK!
Without risking you can never gain something new!

Sep 30, 2015

The Fall with and without falls..

It seems I have witnessed many falls this fall. 

First of them were my own.. Though with a Happy Ending.. 

Second ones were falls of others I interviewed at my job (and those were of course less painful) but the wisdom of this month stayed: "Be humble and have an overview of things". TAKE IT EASY.

Happy Autumn!!! 

Sep 12, 2015

Lifestyles might change you but you change them first!

I tried to behave last weeks and give myself some proper rest. Thank God I am in the new city, otherwise I would not know what to do with all the freedom I suddenly had! Are you also finding yourselves in situations when you suddenly have free time and you do not know what to do? As I did not want to be only connected to the internet and read and watch whatever came to my mind, I decided to go for daily walks across Prague. I needed to relax, I needed to breathe, I needed to think. 

 Turns out there is something about all those famous people who went for daily walks to think over their work, life or just totally unimportant details that were bothering them at the time. So I did the same and effect was quite pleasant. Found a lots of beautiful spots, corners, coffee places.

I also had time to get back to some things I was considering to retry again.. Drawing, cooking, reading, visiting museums and exhibitions, enjoying good wine and lots of love.. Ok, some of them I do on a regular basis, I will not argue against that, we all know the real truth about me!

But the fact is that everything goes so quickly, that we rarely have time to stop, look around, think if we go the right direction and which direction is the right one actually.

If we only found time for analyzing that! And who would actually like to do it? Of course noone.. But what if we end up wondering around and in the circles before it is too late to start changing things and doing all kind of crazy and foolish activities we always wanted to try??? What then???


Funny to read this from a girl who isn´t even 30, right? Never mind, I just wanted to write it somewhere and as anybody can have a blog these days, it is a legitimate excuse where to put these kind of things in your head. You know, women have "the midlife crisis" (as my boyfriend calls it) way sooner than men, so here you go Life, I found out some things for myself, too!!! Show must go on but I prefer to be the Director from now on, it is of course better to control at least something.. 

Aug 19, 2015

I am ok, you are ok.. and all other lies

I had spent two months of my life trying to convince myself everything is fine, my new life is perfect and I am the happiest person ever. It took me only one illness, fatal burn-out and a good friend to find out it is not entirely true. I know there might be something good about all these visualist talks about motivation and seeing yourself as a successful future you and how you just have to work really hard on it but what I learned during the last two months, do not trust only these sayings. Despite what I have just wrote now I am still happy about my Prague choice (Love is the thing, you know?:). I just had to realize that the job I decided to pursue was not the right one for me, better said, its settings were not what I thought they would be. So I was given an opportunity to have things as I would like them to be and I am finding out it might be the best option for me to the future. So besides dealing with health matters right now I decided to relax (any tips for good books?) and go for some cultural expeditions..

I tried several options. Exploring Jewish Prague history, seeing Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and brothers Saudek´s exhibition while splurging on good food, too. So far I am convinced that Ambiente group with its restaurants in Prague is one of the best. Also I had a chance to see the Antipearle pieces in Prague Debut Gallery. It is hard to guess what I like to look at from now on, right? 

The problem with living in Prague is that you start to crave for different things. Freedom at work, special pieces to cherish, you start to choose from the mass production of all kinds. The AIR is different and you start thinking differently. Do I want healthy body or fashion pieces? Do I want to work 12 hours a day or 6 and do it my best? 

It might sound childish but after spending so many years living a certain lifestyle, despite you thought things were different, it is still a challenge to admit you might have been far more consumer-oriented than you thought you have been not. So I am trying to deal with this kind of fact right now and I will let you know how it goes..

BUT, to not to be pretending that I am too serious from now on and how put up all-together I am, I have to share the address of the best margaritas in the city.. Here you are!!!

The conclusion of the last two months for me.

Jul 25, 2015

Newcomer to Prague..

It has been several weeks already since I am a newcomer to Prague. So close to Slovakia but feeling so far from where I was before so short time ago brings moments of freedom, realization of things I was hiding in front of myself.. New life is in the process..

I have to say, after few explorations of the city and plenty of first- hand experiences, people and the way of life in Prague are so much different!!! :)

1. Nobody cares if you are wearing your label clothes, dirty jeans, pink hear or tattooed body, though my latest obsession for a piece of style was caused by being sunburn in Gibraltar (will write more later about it) so I had to start properly looking for a hat, because I haven´t bought one there.

2. There is no "showing off" (as we know very well from Eurovea, Primi etc. in Bratislava) whatsoever, even the bars when you can go and pretend you are someone else are in minority, on the other hand you can find here cute shops, small cafes and niche restaurants..

3. Girls everywhere wear converses and trainers with dresses, skirts, jeans.. The center makes it impossible to wear heels, fortunately I have never worn them, so now I have the good excuse :)

4. Food here is incredible! You pay less and you get better meals by looks and by tastes, surprise for me is the start with american brunches and fresh cider everywhere.. 

5. You can see people are paying attention to different values.. Art, creativity, family, quality time.. They are visiting concerts, galleries, zoo, going to the theatres, trying different courses.. 

I do not know how it will continue, but so far (even if I haven´t met with all my friends here yet!) I have a feeling it was a good decision. Not an easy one, but a good one. Peace is important. Also time for resting and turning back to creativity and learning is one of worth. Fingers crossed for me everyone! New job and new city bring new challenges but hopefully we will get used to each other more and more and things will be fine..

 Sending regards from colorful Prague for now!!!

Jun 28, 2015

Bratislava Design Week

2015 is the year of many new things. I bought new apartment, I got new job, I have new city to live in. But before I continue, I would like to share my additional first time, I went to have a look at Bratislava Design week during the last days I was actually staying in Bratislava. Good reason to come back anytime, especially because I am leaving here 10 years of memories and dozens of great friends, but still, I was reminded.

Have your eyes open. Beauty is everywhere, even if you think you know your city well enough, it can always surprise you!

It feels so great, to be inspired by beauty, isn´t it? It is evoking all the changes we would like to do ourselves but we needed some "push" button, some "Go ahead" sign. This is it!

See you later everyone! Next time from Prague..
 Maybe also from some other places :)

May 24, 2015

#Sundays are for bed..

It doesn't have to be the rule nor the tradition but to be in the place where you can feel perfectly safe is a good thing to do for your soul, for your heart.. Some people do the running, some play games, some write diaries and some are enjoying the moment with others.

Whatever helps, DO IT. 
Surround yourself with BEAUTY.
Take care of you.

May 21, 2015


This is me these days.. 
Chaos.. Trying new things..  Finishing the old ones..
Writing down new goals..   

Slowly starting to understand my vision for Prague..

But. In case you want to grab something so pretty as this favourite skirt of mine, Kapsula Pop-up is just opening its second round of  Fashion charity project for in Aupark,
go and support ones in need!

Stay tuned for more news!  

May 11, 2015

#Doers are the ones

I have to say.. I was playing with this idea for a while.. Or maybe not an idea but an attitude to life as such.. You know, these days.. Everyone on Instagram, Twitter and other Social Networks (me including) states that he/she is a Dreamer/Blogger/Adventurous Life Lover. It´s like a new social label saying that you are open minded, courageous, cool. I am not going to say it is bad or anything like that however what I realised is that for the last five or ten years I used to describe myself like that, a Dreamer has been my second name. I liked it and I kind of believed in it in my head, too. 

What is changing however is that I find myself no longer ok with this description. I am somehow switching to a different identity of myself, though a little scary one. I want to be a Doer instead of a Dreamer. I waited so long for some things to happen and I always had excuses why this is not possible and why that is not going to happen. You know what? As I am getting older and my 30th birthday is happening this year (milestone? or no stone? :), anyway there is still quite some time before that happens) I feel there are many things that we actually can influence. And we do not need only to wait for our Dreams to come true. We can contribute to their realisation significantly.

Doing instead of Dreaming is my goal for the upcoming life season. 
I am no longer scared to open some doors. There might be different things behind it but it also means you are not stagnating, you are moving forward.. With gratitude.

Special thanks to the ones who reminded me that fear does not help anyone nor anything.

Apr 22, 2015

#Life changes are inevitable..

Maybe they are inevitable only when you really want them, or maybe they are part of your destiny, your way, your life. We might learn that all once. I have realised I have been in Bratislava for amazing 10 years by now. Came here crushed after my moms death, trying to get life together by myself and keep going despite I might have been just mourning and trying to hide. I didn´t. I could never hide that I have always WANTED MORE. More from myself, more from life, more from this unbelievable world we are calling our home, our planet.. And I don´t think it is just because I am insatiable (confession here but we all knew that, right?), IT IS JUST THE WAY WE ARE, THE WAY LIFE IS LIFE ITSELF.

We are all creating our cosmosses in here and no one knows for sure when his or hers is going to end. 
So what I have learnt along the way? 

And so I decided I might try a different cosmoss for a while, in a different city (or cities?) and with a different set-up I have been so used to by now. Yes, it is going to be a challenge and stepping out of a comfort zone is term coming handy right now. Who knows how it is all going to end up? I don´t.

Apr 13, 2015

#last pieces of black

I have always had a very special relationship to black color. I do not know why I liked it so much but it has always meant some kind of refuge and the option with which I can count always. I think I tried to hide behind it so that I am not very much on eyes and it many times reflected my mood. Hide behind the clothes and contemplate. That was the main target of my closet and probably mind, too.

After many comments from my friends and relatives I decided I will do something about it. Next weekend I am planning to do some shopping with ELLE and its Shopping fever in Prague and I will try to undergo a radical change in my black dressed closet. The new challenge will be to target it to non-formal clothes as well, as I actually haven´t tried wearing trainers or anything really confy  because I have been this "business casual" type for quite a some time.. Writing these things may be a non-value post (forgive me that!) but I hope it will contribute to the new look and some positive spring vibes you can share with me too!!! Will try to show you the results of my efforts later on! :)

Apr 8, 2015

#Superstitions, spices and other Zanzibar surprises..

As you may know, Zanzibar is very famous for its Global position for trading with spices. I learnt from people there that when you are drunk, you chew the cardamon seeds before you go home or try the cinnamon tea once you have some stomach problems. Lemongrass tea, on the other hand, is very good for high pressure or a great protection against the mosquitos. Cumin and turmeric are good for blood and temperatues. Apparently, we people have still similar problems in life, only the details can be more complicated depending on culture.

As for example the concept of cheating on someone, aka tips and tricks on spying your #loved ones. In their culture men who travel frequently are advised to plant this "TOUCH ME NOT" plant everywhere in the garden around the house so that in case they return from business trips, the potential lover(s) can not escape so easily, and they have the proof that their women have been unfaithful.. I just wonder why they did not continue to tell us the other way round advice.. Oh yes.. Because they can have as many women as they want and that´s it. 

I am glad I am living a different life. 
Despite all the potential mid-life crisis (mine or others´:) 
I hope some things are cleared out already.

Apr 1, 2015

#how not to become an alcoholic

I am a wine lover. It all started with one special man showing me that wine can be good. We started with the Port wine and continued till I was able to recognize the good wine from the bad wine. 

I kind of like and enjoy that feeling the wine gives you, also the fact that I am sharing it with precious people makes it one of my favorite drinks (besides coffee, no pretention there). 

What actually nobody counts with is that at times when you are frustrated and deprived of something you really need (like the air and laughter and ... (fill in what you are lacking right now), wine (chocolate, shopping, sex) can be a good friend but not the best solution to issues you are dealing with in your life.

So maybe it is time to DO something.

Otherwise you will be only moaning and trying to hide in front of yourselves that ACTUALLY IT IS REALLY TOUGH TO RISK EVERYTHING, TO JUMP AND TO LEARN TO FLY.

Who else will do it if not you?
Maybe NO ONE.

If you say not yet you might never learn anything new.

I miss some bruises.

p.s. I am not saying I will stop drinking wine. Dreamers and Doers can meet in the middle line, right? Piece of unwanted advice. Maybe have a plan B. And if Life gives you the plan C, maybe it is the best way to learn to fly. Because it is YOURS.

Mar 23, 2015

#Zanzibar #wonders

Zanzibar is the island of wonders. If you want to be surprised by super sweet beaches with white sand, you want to explore the world of spices or not to be afraid to be touched by the history of slave trade, please go and pay them the visit. The island is full of ancient historical buildings and it is indeed a mixture of old and new in one place, all that partly because of the various conquerors and tourism that kind of saves the island, of course, besides the spice trade. (More about it soon :)

 But you know. Why should I show you boring pictures of the beaches looking like as copied from the  tourist magazines when you actually find Mickey Mouse on the door wall of Stone City. I had to! It was again another proof for me and hopefully for you others that we´re going the right direction. DREAMERS ARE EVERYWHERE! Let´s not be fooled that dreams are not coming true!

People there are great sellers by heart (just an informal idea for companies regarding finally funny Sales trainings :) but also kind and simple in their living standards. I could not but only to admire all the hard working men and quiet but noble women wearing the colorful scarfs in so many unexpected ways and combinations I cannot even describe.. Color-blocking is indeed a weak term for that.   

But the life on the island(s) is not one of fashion. Because there is no spare money. And I was reminded again and again that the most important things in life are not things but people and ability to be able to work and be active, whatever that might mean with regard to the place where you are currently living. So. Let´s keep on walking and leaving some footprints not only in the sand but also in the lives of others.. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT OUR LIVES ARE FOR. LIVING FULLY AND HOPEFULLY CREATING SOMETHINGS PRECIOUS THAT SURPASSES US. :) 

Mar 2, 2015

#handmade #minimalism #2

I made a list. Another one full of dreams wishing to come true this year. And I wanted to post it so much on the blog. But then I decided to wait. And I am finding out that some things have been worth waiting for. As this custom made handbag. It is a Christmas gift I gave myself for all the work I did last year. It wasn´t an easy one. However as this year some of the things on the list have already happened without any special calculation, I need to admit, this saying of "going back to the roots" starts to have a different meaning for me. Because the most precious things in life should not be disclosed unless they are real in their fullness. Appreciated deeply and in quiet happiness.. 

 I am discovering (and hopefully I haven´t been that absent-minded as it sounds) that the handcrafts and preserving precious things is better than buying new ones. I have always dreamed of a perfect bag. And perfect pair of sandals. Perfect skirt. And therefore I still have half of the closet waiting for somebody in need who needs clothes for wearing and caring, somebody who REALLY needs them.

 For I am discovering that perfect does not always need to be the most expensive thing or something that I crave for only for few minutes or days. Sometimes it is the love and attention to detail behind it, what makes things (or people) to be perfect. Just as they are. Without dreaming of changing it.
Am I becoming a real fool or finally there are some signs of an adulthood? Only God knows. 
But I am thankful. 

This time next week I am in Zanzibar. Finally resting. And testing. And breathing. And deciding. 
What kind of life I REALLY want to have.