Nov 7, 2015

New hair brings new air..

With a lot of travelling lately I am not meeting with all of you very often. Because of that everyone seeing me after some time is quite surprised how much my hair has changed. What used to be an indeed shiny orange messy colour is now something between orange and blond and kind of a hay something on my head. It wasn't planned very much but I somehow felt I want to keep this light summer feeling for a bit longer and I stayed with the colour from then on..  Not only I like it and my boyfriend does, too, I was also told last week by one man that I looked really scary as a redhead before and he was afraid to approach me!!! I did not know that I was a walking redhead monster!!! I laughed a lot after wondering why on earth didn't you all tell me I am putting off everyone with it? :)

So as I was given this great news that now men are no longer afraid to approach me, the burden is over and I can start to live my life more freely :) I actually also found out where was the problem with me and my preference for the favourite black colour. I simply didn't feel I can afford to wear anything else with such a striking hair besides black and white. I was always sticking to the same style and colours over and over while loosing all kinds of colour combinations only to find out that with a less striking hair I can actually afford wearing almost anything! So the season of combining is starting again. I do not know where I will end up but I will make sure to keep you posted! :)

So after you have read this little contribution about nothing from me and you have just realised it has no real value whatsoever, maybe it is time to realise that instead of being online so much you should GO OUT IMMEDIATELY, THE WEATHER IS ASKING FOR IT :) 

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