Nov 18, 2015

Time that boosts creativity..

Is usually the underrated TIME OFF. I have kind of an unusual working period right now. When you are witnessing and contributing to a new company's (or companies? :) establishment with all that is included, you often find out suddenly you have a different perspective on many things. The most surprisingly, you start dealing with the issues you never had to deal with before. I am not going to tell you anything scandalous (sorry, no gossip here) but I am more and more convinced it is good to step aside and wait when dealing with important matters, take some TIME OFF, especially if your decisions will influence you and others later in the future.

Therefore to the general potential disbelief, I am supposed to take some time off, do my research, generate ideas without push, take a break and use it for good purpose. So I did. 

When you are trying to find a work-life balance sometimes you have to learn it the hard way. And sometimes not. One way or another, it is always good to remind ourselves life is not only about work.  Because only after that you naturally come back to it, bringing refreshment and new ideas with you.

The more free you feel as a person, 
the more freely you will give 
when it comes to all aspects of life. 
And you will suddenly know that this is your life's purpose at a specific time. 

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