Jul 24, 2013

Dreaming BIG..

I keep saying to myself that writing creates inside of me an urge to be slowly, but continually a  better person. Mostly because it is a time when I have opportunity to reflect the world, my status of being as such and have an overview over my life from a different angle.. That is the reason many psychologists would recommend you during a therapy to keep journaling.. I therefore realised it is already July since I tried to put together some of the New Years resolutions and with quite a smirk I decided to continue dreaming.. This time it is only small fraction of what is in my head right now, more shallow :), to be honest, but the BIGGER thing is happening behind.. And that is important.. All those small things that can WAKE YOU UP by simple reflection of their BEAUTIES and you IMMEDIATELY know, what steps should follow.. And once you know them, keep stepping up.. FUTURE IS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY PER SE..

Jul 21, 2013


Niekedy je čas sa proste učiť veciam od tých najpovolanejších, tých, ktorí lietať vedia.. A tak som sa nechala viesť a snažila sa načúvať.. A výsledok? Na chvíľku tá ľahkosť bytia, foto na pamiatku a zopár úsmevov.. Stálo to však za to..

Jul 16, 2013

Vacation time..

I somehow feel I need to set aside time for vacation with more and more priority as the time goes on.. Especially when you have maybe days like today when you know you are going to be really busy..  During such days I am mentally transporting into the countries I felt really relaxed in and try to breath some fresh sea salt air. Why not? It will make your day bright and will remind you that DREAMING IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise you will not grow and your dreams have no chance TO COME TRUE.

Jul 12, 2013

Casual Fridays..

                   another thing to be thankful for..                    enjoy your weekend everyone..

Jul 11, 2013

White cooking..

My dream..
                         white, wood and the bright rest..  
                                                                                     Once, my home is going to be like that..

Jul 10, 2013

The choice of today..

is not to buy anything when going shopping with my sister.. :) Instead, I was suddenly hit by a great idea how to change two items from my closet for better purpose.. Hopefully you will see the results soon..
p.s. and if your choice is different than mine, go check the mango outlet shop, you will be surprised what can be found there for indeed tiny prices. :)

Jul 3, 2013


Sometimes it is really enough to go out and maybe check for the best sales or secondhand shops around.. After I bought my beloved Hermes scarf last year, Slovakia wins the #1. unawareness prize again.. :) I bought Nine West bag for 5 Euros yesterday! I even do not care whether it is a fake or not.. I like it and that is enough. During such moments of unbelief I indeed love Bratislava..

Jul 1, 2013

Walking weekends..

I still find it amazing that actually Bratislava is quite close to many capital cities of Europe. This way you can be one day in Vienna, one day in Budapest or somewhere else. Naturally, it depends on the available transportation but it is indeed nice.. 
And here a stupid question comes: What do you say about my new t-shirt??? :) Actually it was A GIFT. And I found out I LOVE GIFTS! Usually I am the one trying to give out clothes but this time I was being given. SUCH a wonderful feeling.. WHY DON´T WE DO THAT MORE OFTEN? 


There is only one last item not ticked off from my January wishlist. A TATTOO. But I decided to be wise for now  and wait.. Either I will forget about it, or I will make it happen after summer.. Meanwhile I was hit yesterday by another unimportant craving. A CLUTCH.  I found out I have not been out in the CITY for quite a while and the need to socialize is actually getting stronger. So guess what. This picture somehow caught it.. Inspiration is coming.. I will let you know how the situation continues..