Dec 29, 2014

#Playing games in 2014

Surprise of the year 2014.

I thought I gave myself some 2014 goals and I didn´t.
 Apparently there was no need for them as my head and heart are far more or less always doing what they want themselves without me trying to control the flow in a rational way.

Something that surprised me in addition though:

1. I moved to a perfect white flat that is warm and welcoming and I love it there.
(Reason: Love stopped being Love, no comments to that but I found Freedom to Love instead :)

2. I spent summer learning French, ended up with a French on romantic vacation in France
(I didn´t expected that reward for my studying however I feel closer to all French people now :)

3. I took care of the family more than during the previous years
(Every day in hospital for several months, the story continues but I accept it and cherish the experience)

4. I played with an idea of switching my job and career and it was enough
(I always wanted to help a start-up, it worked, I learnt a lot but it still proved I am the best at my current job - freely Headhunting around and Connecting people with smile :)

5. I wanted to play more with a blog.
(No time for that. I will need to do that in 2015, Boris will take care of that hopefully :)

6. I exercised for three months heavily but with two jobs it ended as quickly as it started,
(Conclusion: I am going to choose for myself what sports to do now and at time I prefer :)

7. For the first time I paid myself a luxurious hotel and private massages as I was collapsing
(Next time I do this as a natural thing (without burnout :), it was definitely worth the money :)

8. I gave and donated money to people who needed it more than me
(The feeling I recommend the most to everyone to experience! We are capable to give more than we actually think we can. Funny. Quite a Lesson learned here.)

9. I started to collect BEAUTY in every form and I LOVE it. 
(I bought myself several paintings and art objects and I will continue in that for sure. We need to surround ourselves with beautiful people and art more, life is tough enough sometimes)

10. I found out I am more loyal to those who let me FLY instead of calming me down
(Therefore despite I have feather tattooed on my body I will do some things in 2015 that will settle me down in a way I would not choose before. Just because I feel it´s the right time and I am ready to do it.)

                                                        So. The Conclusion to 2014.
Thank you for all this bitter - sweetness and fullness in its variety.
Thanks to it I know now exactly what I want to achieve in 2015.
This time I am not going to play that hard.
I am going to play with Ease.

Enjoy your ends of 2014, 
Let´s do something we have not expected to do, too!

Dec 12, 2014

#wisdom in growing up..

Is that you are more and more smiling with regard to the future because you for sure will never know what happens there.. All the big people I know have one characteristic feature: They are humble.
Let´s hope it will all be for the good and to the next year with new age number I wish myself lots of impact that stays, many fulfilled dreams and mainly, presence of the loved ones around..
Because only that is important.
During the last year I worked that much that all of my loved ones have to forgive me for that.
Please have a mercy on me, I will be yours for the calling! :)
I love you, my all private readers and friends!!!

Dec 5, 2014

#Drawings and Fairytales..

I was actually never a "toy" person, even when I was supposed to, as a child.. My first Teddy bear Alfred was given to me by my dear classmates during high school on my 18th Birthday and they all had great fun that instead of toys I had been collecting Cosmopolitans during my childhood :) As times are changing however it seems that childhood and fairytales have some meaning in our lives..

They cheer us up, they remind us the good things that will never change and they guide is in a language that we can understand.. That´s why so many adults end up watching fairytales even in the movies. We all can find something that connects with us at certain level..
 *  Happy Christmas season dear friends. *
We are living our fairytales, so let´s better decide who we want to be!
 p.s. The gifted author it this one, and you can buy the other drawings at Kapsula. :)

Nov 7, 2014

#Les #achats

Last month was full of ""les achats" unexpected. I fell in love with skirts. And I fell in love with quality. I found out at last that I am no longer willing to pay for things in wardrobe that do not keep the shape and have no added value. Therefore I started to experiment a bit..

It began with the skirt  I posted lately and ended with 5 skirts at a time and fortunately, for next couple of months I am done with skirts. The usual issue then followed with the Winter Coat. I was browsing online shops, visited all the Stores I could think of in Bratislava and I ended up with Marcel Holubec Coat from Kapsula by Tonbogirl again. I have to say I would NEVER buy a GOLD COAT (!) but it felt so natural and it was fitting all my wardrobe so much I realized it was time to invest in Quality and Brand covered by a Skilled Professional behind.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
Think of your clothes as an investment. And not only splurge.
So far I do not regret any day of wearing them!

Oct 11, 2014

#Statement #skirt

Dear all, it happened to be an ordinary afternoon when I met my dream right in person. Pardon.
In reality actually. Just before I was about to sit and write down couple of next goals I wanted to achieve in the upcoming months. (Have you noticed they are actually coming true when you write it down? Really!) Nevertheless. You might think that women are "roztopašné" :) creatures and it is so sometimes but when it comes to THE RIGHT SKIRT, it is always something that we worry about.
If you want to support a good thing, go to Kapsula POP-UP SHOP at Safarikovo námestie even today and find your dream piece as well! Meanwhile check their webpage here.

Oct 6, 2014

#Fall means fall indeed..

As I was walking around all those trees that were suddenly changing colors and rushing into many places at the same time, I realised I was suddenly cold and it was about time to change wardrobe and attitude, too. 

After 2-weeks of illness that has not been treated well and that still resonates with me, I reconsidered and decided it is time to FOCUS and instead of rushing everywhere, DO THINGS WITH PURPOSE. No one actually likes falling right? Maybe Fall as a season on the streets and in the woods is fine and  acceptable but otherwise I am saying, "No, thanks", I have had enough of tired bones and body that is "malade toujours" as French say.
Have a nice fall everybody, change the color in your wardrobe so that you have new energy and if you have more time than me, then go for the great book: 
P.s. I did the audio version and it was superb!

Sep 3, 2014

#La #maison en France

 In case you have been living in the city for more than 15 years as me, you can maybe understand the amount of joy and admiration that I felt when I had the chance to see and experience the French "campaign" without any additions, just PURE LIFE AND ITS DAILY ROUTINES...
                             Coffee smelling in the kitchen filled with objects made with love..
 Combination of wood and stone decorated with the hands of skillful blackmith´s hands.
Kids that have all they need to be happy..
And me actually, too.. :)
I hope you all had a nice vacation somewhere ...

Aug 19, 2014

#Rest in peace..

Yep, that was the thing I have not tried myself for a long long time..  So I had to stop..   For a while.. 
AND dream.. AND walk in the woods.. AND breathe.. AND laugh..  
AND I had to remind myself AGAIN.
p.s. I hope all of you have your vacations either behind, planned or continuing... Enjoy!!!

Jul 31, 2014

#Temptations are for...

Tempting us!!! What news, phew.. I know.. I could never resist temptations though. I am more or less not able to do it now as well but in my opinion it is a matter of principles you live according to. I am sure you can read in Psychology books how your reaction to tempations is a predictor of your behavior and strength of personality,  and of course you have no control over your life as a result...  BUT..
Psychology is wonderful science. It helps me many times at my work and at understanding peoples behavior. When it comes to certain matters however, (like buying cute ballet flats, funny T-shirts or Love earings) I believe it is upon us to decide which temptations to resist and where to splurge so that we can ENJOY LIFE.. Maybe it is so, that WE CREATE THEM. OUR LIVES.
Priorities are priorities. And it may be that LOVE is indeed important to feel, to breathe.
So apparently, I am listening to this kind of "music" right now.

Jul 25, 2014

#Rocket #science

“If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship,
don't ask what seat!
Just get on.” 
Sheryl Sandberg

Jul 19, 2014

#There is time for a weekend..

Sorry, no further deep thoughts, just pure relax and mind that does not worry.
Enjoy your weekends, too! :) 
 p.s. and do not worry about my soul, I bought Nota Bene as well,
there has to be some balance right? :)

Jul 17, 2014

#There is time for everything..

Couple of months ago, I had a dream. A BIG ONE.
Not the dream you have during the night, but a dream you have for your LIFE.
It seems that my "3-krát a dosť" (three times are more than enough:) was the right motto for myself, among others I setup at that time.. So when I found the fourth feather today and was announced what I only laughed about and yet wished, it is like a DREAM COMING TRUE.
And as I am still waiting for a very specific sign for myself to HAVE IT ALL WILDER I EVEN WISHED FOR, I KNOW ONE THING.  YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH.    

Jul 12, 2014

#Le vélo

I came back to books. For a second or an hour. For I needed it. Some of the books more than the others. Tough week behind me, most of the days in the ´le velo´ style starting around 6.a.m. with a big mug of coffee and three hours of intensive French lessons following during which I was trying not to think about croissants I desperately needed :). I met some of the friends, said Hello to the new ones and at work I learned to overcome myself in a way I did not expect. The creative one. Some things do come back as a result of perseverance and hard work, suffering and laughing, being in despair or dreaming.. Just switch the PERSPECTIVE and sit on that magic bicycle.. Sometimes it is needed when we are at the unknown places.

Whatever it is in here for you, you have to believe in it. 
Believe in a BIGGER picture than one can paint or draw.

Jul 6, 2014


This is a picture of me, supposed to be describing my life and the destiny I have always been surrounded by. It was painted by an artist who knew me well, from my early childhood till I was an adult and kept smiling that sometimes the role of a warrior is more than apparent in everyone´s story. I am killing a snake who is trying to poison me, from the inside and outside. I manage to win and all the bad things go back to the roots of our planet, to the soil and ground. Inspite the fact that around me there are thorns and dark places, I always find a way out and LIGHT comes instead of darkness.
Sometimes other people know us better than we know ourselves and keep us alive when we need it. Or vice versa. 
When was the last time you told a close one you love him, care and honor him/her? 

Jul 3, 2014

#Hospitals are miraculous places..

There are times when everyone should be remindered of how family is important. Those of you who are part of my bigger family all know how often I am the one that is "lost in the world" and then I have to "find myself again and again" and come back admitting I was lost.   
Hospital times are tough but filled with LOVE as nowhere else.
All members of my family could tell you stories about how we lived half a year near the hospital only to give my mother the best possible care and the biggest *LOVE* we were capable of at the time before she passed away. All that only for creating something that would SURPASS THIS WORLD OF OURS that is so short, so beautifully vane in each moment.
 The similar story was happening the whole year after when we were taking care of our grandmother who was mourning so hardly that at the end she could not overcome the grief. Despite all that I still think we had our most precious family times in hospitals. We all knew our priority is to be at the hospital together with the one in need during visitors hours and thus we were drinking hot chocolate and coffee, while eating the best cheesecakes and muffins, chatting about our lives and all that we were dealing with at the moment. Only after these times we learned that we should honor presence of each other more.
Despite the hospital times are tough, you have to make the most of it.
What I understand from these events happening again and again is that when certain occurences in life are repeating, there is nothing else we can do but to accept them as natural cycles of the nature.
We are all here to help others,
hopefully one day our smiles will be awarded.
Because you know yourselves,
Whatever we sow, this we will also reap!!! ;)

Jun 29, 2014


How many snails can you meet during one walk in the woods? Many.. And one snake that you are the most afraid of, too, only because you stupidly asked for some sign.. Snails are funny. They move so slowly. However it seems they know where they are going. Even this thick shelter of theirs. They have a place to hide when someone is touching their tender body. Like we have our homes when the heart can have a rest. Home is where your heart is. Nothing more, nothing less. Synergy and pieces of the puzzle synchronized. 

Did you know that Carl Jung had the analogy for snails? The shell is the conscious thought process and the soft part is the unconscious one.. And they all follow into each other during our dreams.

It might be that sleeping and dreaming are important part of our lives.
.. Says the DREAMER.. 
and keeps wondering.. 

Jun 26, 2014

#The Power of Knowledge

 It is an interesting occurence when you meet people from various backgrounds and different circles you suddenly begin to realise how things are different for each culture, each reference group but other things stay the same, only the practice of doing things in a smooth way changes with the education, manners or seniority. I was doing the same mistakes again and again when I was younger and definitely I will do many mistakes in the following years, too. However, when you understand and you learn from the good Leaders it is "an honor to serve" and to be taught, your ear wants to listen because it is a gift to be treated with special care. WISDOM.

So when it happens that you see somebody who with his post and social status acts inappropriately I can not help but only wonder whether I should not help him somehow to wake up and change, otherwise I will be the one who will overcome him not because I am better but because sometimes I can be quiet when it needs to be, I let people talk before I start talking and I have the intuition that might supposedly be the unconscious mixture of my own experience that is helping me through.
There are many tactics in life but please be sure you have the RIGHT ONE, so that you are not lost in the translation, somewhere out there, in the COSMOSS..




Jun 23, 2014

#Spolu za Jedno Lano..

In the last couple of months I had a chance to speak with lots of unique Slovak young people and professionals and IT IS SO REFRESHING to see that PEOPLE IN SLOVAKIA ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY!
I am having conversations on a daily basis and I feel so inspired! Proactively different people are helping each other, we are working on projects that are meaningful with regard to the right values and our aims we share together for the better being in this little state of ours.. EXCITEMENT.

                                                             WE ALL FEEL IT IS TIME.


Jun 8, 2014

#Flowers addiction..

I have absolutely no idea how could I start wearing flowers after 15 years of wearing plain and not very much colored clothes but it happened apparently.. So the result is this..
Inline image 1

Fortunately, I haven´t bought all of the items below, just one of them.. So you can guess which one it is and I will hope that I fitted (or not?:) into your estimations.. The summer is here without actually asking us and thus it seems that what I am posting is already too much of the clothes being worn during the upcoming days.. Well, in case it will be required, I am willing to reconsider swimming suits season for a good of the readers!!!   

Jun 1, 2014

#challenges are here to challenge us..

I have so many #tasks on my life´s to do list that I am often laughing at myself thinking about all those years when I was hiding before Life, before myself. I have always been this dreaming and thinking and phantasizing creature.. I know it may sound whatever way you feel like but when you are twenty-eight and you realise that you have not been sitting on the horse´s back EVER, you either do something about it or you will die wondering how on earth this Life passed on so quickly without YOU actually living it and having control over it at least a bit.. 

So I decided to do something about it. 
I want to let myself live a Life I want for myself.
And the results are funny.

I was given back a horse who can actually fly. :)

Who would not love that?! :)

I happen to start thinking that apologies and refusals are no longer here for me.. 

May 18, 2014

#Cosmology.. actually exists!

Would you believe that??! With my name I was supposed to know it and present it a long long time ago as a part of my marketing strategy, right? :) Just kidding..

I know I do not understand many of the things.. actually I am not sure what I do understand at least a bit.. However, I happened to meet someone who was able to help me capture my own inability in perceiving things and reality, to introduce me to actual science with the language I understood. I am not sure how to express what I have learnt during the last quite frantic weeks besides doing business, sleeping and learning French.. but for now let me share something I find valuable..

I believe we should all start looking again at stars, at the sky, ask the important questions.

And in case you need some help with that, this is one of the things I found challenging..

Life is very short. We need to think about how to live it every day.
Just a kind reminder. 


May 3, 2014

#Gestalt and Chaos

I have the two new best friends lately. 
Gestalt Book and Chaos in my head.  (Equal to Cosmoss, right? :)

I was told by someone that IT IS OK not to have order in head when I am in chaos. So lets be it.
I will try to make the chaos work for me and within me.

And while I need to get back to my dream book, take the post-its, crayons, and DRAW,
I would like to ask my friends for forgiveness as I was not much of any use of lately.

I will try to make it up for you.
I just need little more TIME.

Because THIS TIME. 


with love, 

Apr 26, 2014

#Selfies Excuse

Dear all, despite I studied Psychology for five years it seems we all need to learn very fast if we want to be on the track and still not miss what is going on around us. I noticed that especially when Ellen made that popular #Selfie Pic during Oscar Night immediately we had a new phenomena being described by some Psychologists even as a Mental Disorder what actually shocked me firstly..  

But later.. I had to admit even before myself that I am a part of the phenomena myself. I do not know if you also have the friend on the phone when trying the new cloths when shopping alone because something urgent came up and you have at the moment nothing appropriate to wear for an event starting in two hours. So I find my cellphone loaded with these pictures of shoes I tried and asked  via them meanwhile which one to buy or dresses whose colors I wasn´t sure about or even standing on the tram stop and taking picture of what I am wearing to work so that I can later remember that this combination isn´t bad at all. Well. Yep. I am guilty too. Nevertheless.

  I found out I have several EXCUSES for such a ´´mental illness´´:
1. Selfies help you remember things you want to remember (nice dress, gift for a colleague)
2. Selfies can be nice gifts for friends or family who do not use social media (as my father)
3. Selfies can make you look and feel better when there are tons of burdens you are carrying in this tough world and you are in a need of a nice compliment or support from beloved friends who are far away from you as they also have their jobs, live on other part of the planet or so.. Instant Psycho Help.
4. Selfies can be addictive, I admit, but they can help you change perspective on yourself.
Am I better with the glasses or without them? Shoud I be a blond or redhead?
5. Yes, it may be egocentric but in this time when everybody is hurrying up somewhere and we all want to be everywhere and up-to date how on earth should I share interesting moments from my life with more than 600 friends having on Facebook not even mentioning almost 2000 people I have been connected with via LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram??? And I have not yet even started with Pinterest or Foursquare. Yes. WE ALL LIVE ONLY ONE LIFE.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share it with you even if I would love to.
Therefore the Selfies, there this Blog, therefore the Instagram Pics, therefore the Social Media.


And we all need to be selective what is important and with whom we want to share those precious moments. Unfortunately it is so. Social media are not here to be a burden but they ease up things. I am glad they exist and we can be all in touch through them. Aren´t you??? :)

Apr 15, 2014

Alice in Wonderland..

I have to say unfortunately but yet gratefully that in my three years and something of working in business I have experienced many things. Fun at work, creativity at work, teambuildings at work without actually having those "teambuildings", lies at work and many other things at work that you apparently cannot write into ones blog. Despite my experience that is quite wider and deeper that I ever wished for in such a short time, I somehow still cannot understand how it can happen that if you are by some chance the successful one, you will sooner or later be punished by others, more jealous ones, despite you are doing your best and the talent and energy is there, too.

I just feel like have a sigh, and tell you, I WONDER.
And I indeed wonder like ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Why do those people do that?
Should we all switch into a different career so that we work just with people who appreciate our jobs as such without the judgment or jealousy? Well. I don´t know really.. (Yep, 5 years of psychology didn´t help here). But as my father says as a response to my own imaginary question, there can´t be only presidents, lawyers and actors. Somebody has to sweep the floors, care for the roads, open the shops.. And supposedly, there have to be apparently two sides of the coin at once so that one can represent the dark and one can be the BRIGHTER opposite. Let´s be it then. :) We all want peace, right? :)

Let´s hope the law of attraction works and I will be continuously meeting those nice and skillful people as a reward for these life misunderstandings sometimes :)

                                                      Cheers to you all!!!

Life is too short to suffer for unimportant things.

Apr 10, 2014


Inspiration comes from anywhere.. 

And..This gift I will gladly receive any time.. :)

just FYI :)

Apr 8, 2014

You have to have goals!!!

This is the sentence I heard yesterday when I was talking to a guy trying to place me somewhere in between his drawing of square of successful working people.. Btw. just in case you did not know.. There are Employers, Self-employers, Big Companies Managers and Investors..  I told him about my plans (he was supposed to have lots of years of soft skills training behind) and he still was trying to tell me there is only one precise way how to build up a working system as such, beneficial to all,  and despite I told him my vision he replied that without any specific goals for myself  I am going to be utterly lost (as Alice in Wonderland I supppose, fortunately I have the book already bought, just in case.. :). Is it just me that somehow I have troubles to be understood that  many times there needs to be a VISION first, couple of first-step goals set up and ONLY AFTER THAT you can learn and discover what to add further?
Fortunately and thankfully, I already learnt that life is so unpredictable that one can never know for sure whether it is wise to plan everything in advance. We need to have some HUMILITY in all this.

Apr 2, 2014



I had a chance to visit one Lady club lately..

Unexpectedly there came a moment where one lady described herself as a women coach and a feminist at the same time and there happened an unexpected mild attack from another lady asking what is the reason she describes herself in such a way, that this word is so much connected with assertiveness, coldness and intellectual women who usually are not that beautiful, that it is not safe according to her to describe oneself this way.. I was shocked indeed but fortunately with that particular lady we were able to explain that Feminism can be understood in many ways and one of them that WOMEN ARE SIMPLY WOMEN (actually different from the description above) and that we have nothing to be ashamed of when being compared to MEN.
We are just smart and skillful, too. To be valued and honored is not an unusual desire. :)
My dear nation, I feel like asking.. When do we stop with prejudices?
How about starting reading something else that Slovak newspaper?
I do not care whether Boris has another child or Mariana lost her job.

I want relevant information and I am still missing them.


p.s. Sending hereby regards to my colleagues at work, who love the heels (not like me :) for they are so woman-like and flattering to the body.. Well. Different tastes make COLORFUL LIFE. :)

Apr 1, 2014

Have you gone out?

So.. what about you?
Have you gone out during the weekend and now you work as much as possible?

Or we should go ´take it easy´ style for this week? :)

Mar 28, 2014

Crazy Daisy..

Couple of people have it a little harder with me these days.. I am apologizing to all whom it may concern but on the other hand, I need you to ask for patience with me still. I do not know whether you know this state of mind when all that you can do is to think constantly, you evolve the ideas and try to synchronize them in many ways, deciding for the pros and cons of every option and combination you make, it is indeed frustrating, exciting and exhausting at the same time.  
I have no idea whether this is what the word creativity should describe but as I am Dreamer and this is apparently the only constant of my current life I have to believe it will turn out well.

Is there anyone of you right now who has trouble to sit at home during these days? I love the weather so much that I indeed have to go either running, or walking or ideally working under any tree nearby with either computer or notebook and an ink pen accompanying me.. 



Mar 19, 2014

Learning is a never-ending story..

I read somewhere that what distincs wise and talented people from those "others" is
I would like to add that what I noticed around myself about people I deeply respect is their belief in themselves and in good in general, their confidence and hard work combined with deep interest in the thing itself.
This is the wall nearby the place I live and every evening when I am coming home I am being reminded that Learning is one of the highest values anf gifts we can give to ourselves. Despite the fact that I have many dreams about myself doing this and doing that I am being reminded every day that sometimes "THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING" and that what I need to concentrate the most is the LEARNING AND GROWING PART OF THE PROCESS. So let´s continue then...
                                                                  ALL OF US.

Mar 16, 2014

Food Market in Stará Tržnica..

Yesterday was another day when many of the Bratislava´s people rushed into the Stará tržnica to buy a good food while talking to their friends at the same time. Definitely it was a better program before voting and jumping into the bed afterwards as the weather turned out to be indeed nasty. 

My choice this time: Avocado oil and Himalayan Salt by Atlas, Fettucine n.20 by FantastiCo, Sahral blanc wine by Fedor Malik & Syn. and unexpectedly received gift from a friend, Devínsky Ríbezlák (currant wine:). Mission fulfilled, hopefully this TREND OF RETURNING TO THE NATURE AND THE BASICS will last longer than any of other, currently so-popular trends around..  

And as it is still weekend, let´s all have some rest, 
maybe that after the results of the election, we may believe in the better future again..

Mar 14, 2014

Chceme Zmenu!!!

Ak by ste náhodou chceli vedieť, milí slovenskí spolupútnici, Kristián Dufinec je ďalší mladý človek z môjho okolia, s ktorým som vyrastala a môžem povedať, že sme na neho naozaj hrdí..
Najmä, v tej pesničke TO VYSTIHOL..


Viac info tu: AHA.


Mar 12, 2014

Creativity in everyday life..

I do not know how many of you noticed that tha main road in Sturova street in Bratislava is for some time closed right now as they are trying to build a new tram rails there.. 
It happened unexpectedly lately that I started to read many books on marketing, e-branding and other related topics as such and I was indeed surprised when I saw this when walking to my office in the old city.
Apparently, they have some creative marketers in the house,
this is how I imagine turning disadvantage into your advantage in marketing.
Congratulations Dear Štúr, 
you made my day!!!  
I can´t wait to read more on creativity and marketing.
Interesting thought, what do you say???

Mar 7, 2014

Not a Tiny Tattoo!!!

Dearest ones.. I feel like I should start to call this a DREAMER´S Blog because somehow more of my dreams are being fulfilled at this current period.. Despite not the best previous weeks when I was dealing with more serious matters that I could simply bear, these little joys that you either make for yourself or you are surprised by them by others are really a reason to LIVE FOR.
Not that there is not a DEEPER MEANING in everybody´ LIFE, but when I looked today on people´s faces in the tram how all of them were sad and not all of them happy that they are heading to work I realised that some of us have indeed reason to be THANKFUL. We have jobs we like and have fun at and we can still fulfill our dreams. And if some of you don´t,