May 18, 2014

#Cosmology.. actually exists!

Would you believe that??! With my name I was supposed to know it and present it a long long time ago as a part of my marketing strategy, right? :) Just kidding..

I know I do not understand many of the things.. actually I am not sure what I do understand at least a bit.. However, I happened to meet someone who was able to help me capture my own inability in perceiving things and reality, to introduce me to actual science with the language I understood. I am not sure how to express what I have learnt during the last quite frantic weeks besides doing business, sleeping and learning French.. but for now let me share something I find valuable..

I believe we should all start looking again at stars, at the sky, ask the important questions.

And in case you need some help with that, this is one of the things I found challenging..

Life is very short. We need to think about how to live it every day.
Just a kind reminder. 


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