Sep 3, 2014

#La #maison en France

 In case you have been living in the city for more than 15 years as me, you can maybe understand the amount of joy and admiration that I felt when I had the chance to see and experience the French "campaign" without any additions, just PURE LIFE AND ITS DAILY ROUTINES...
                             Coffee smelling in the kitchen filled with objects made with love..
 Combination of wood and stone decorated with the hands of skillful blackmith´s hands.
Kids that have all they need to be happy..
And me actually, too.. :)
I hope you all had a nice vacation somewhere ...

Aug 19, 2014

#Rest in peace..

Yep, that was the thing I have not tried myself for a long long time..  So I had to stop..   For a while.. 
AND dream.. AND walk in the woods.. AND breathe.. AND laugh..  
AND I had to remind myself AGAIN.
p.s. I hope all of you have your vacations either behind, planned or continuing... Enjoy!!!

Jul 31, 2014

#Temptations are for...

Tempting us!!! What news, phew.. I know.. I could never resist temptations though. I am more or less not able to do it now as well but in my opinion it is a matter of principles you live according to. I am sure you can read in Psychology books how your reaction to tempations is a predictor of your behavior and strength of personality,  and of course you have no control over your life as a result...  BUT..
Psychology is wonderful science. It helps me many times at my work and at understanding peoples behavior. When it comes to certain matters however, (like buying cute ballet flats, funny T-shirts or Love earings) I believe it is upon us to decide which temptations to resist and where to splurge so that we can ENJOY LIFE.. Maybe it is so, that WE CREATE THEM. OUR LIVES.
Priorities are priorities. And it may be that LOVE is indeed important to feel, to breathe.
So apparently, I am listening to this kind of "music" right now.

Jul 25, 2014

#Rocket #science

“If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship,
don't ask what seat!
Just get on.” 
Sheryl Sandberg

Jul 19, 2014

#There is time for a weekend..

Sorry, no further deep thoughts, just pure relax and mind that does not worry.
Enjoy your weekends, too! :) 
 p.s. and do not worry about my soul, I bought Nota Bene as well,
there has to be some balance right? :)

Jul 17, 2014

#There is time for everything..

Couple of months ago, I had a dream. A BIG ONE.
Not the dream you have during the night, but a dream you have for your LIFE.
It seems that my "3-krát a dosť" (three times are more than enough:) was the right motto for myself, among others I setup at that time.. So when I found the fourth feather today and was announced what I only laughed about and yet wished, it is like a DREAM COMING TRUE.
And as I am still waiting for a very specific sign for myself to HAVE IT ALL WILDER I EVEN WISHED FOR, I KNOW ONE THING.  YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH.    

Jul 12, 2014

#Le vélo

I came back to books. For a second or an hour. For I needed it. Some of the books more than the others. Tough week behind me, most of the days in the ´le velo´ style starting around 6.a.m. with a big mug of coffee and three hours of intensive French lessons following during which I was trying not to think about croissants I desperately needed :). I met some of the friends, said Hello to the new ones and at work I learned to overcome myself in a way I did not expect. The creative one. Some things do come back as a result of perseverance and hard work, suffering and laughing, being in despair or dreaming.. Just switch the PERSPECTIVE and sit on that magic bicycle.. Sometimes it is needed when we are at the unknown places.

Whatever it is in here for you, you have to believe in it. 
Believe in a BIGGER picture than one can paint or draw.