Dec 12, 2014

#wisdom in growing up..

Is that you are more and more smiling with regard to the future because you for sure will never know what happens there.. All the big people I know have one characteristic feature: They are humble.
Let´s hope it will all be for the good and to the next year with new age number I wish myself lots of impact that stays, many fulfilled dreams and mainly, presence of the loved ones around..
Because only that is important.
During the last year I worked that much that all of my loved ones have to forgive me for that.
Please have a mercy on me, I will be yours for the calling! :)
I love you, my all private readers and friends!!!

Dec 5, 2014

#Drawings and Fairytales..

I was actually never a "toy" person, even when I was supposed to, as a child.. My first Teddy bear Alfred was given to me by my dear classmates during high school on my 18th Birthday and they all had great fun that instead of toys I had been collecting Cosmopolitans during my childhood :) As times are changing however it seems that childhood and fairytales have some meaning in our lives..

They cheer us up, they remind us the good things that will never change and they guide is in a language that we can understand.. That´s why so many adults end up watching fairytales even in the movies. We all can find something that connects with us at certain level..
 *  Happy Christmas season dear friends. *
We are living our fairytales, so let´s better decide who we want to be!
 p.s. The gifted author it this one, and you can buy the other drawings at Kapsula. :)

Nov 7, 2014

#Les #achats

Last month was full of ""les achats" unexpected. I fell in love with skirts. And I fell in love with quality. I found out at last that I am no longer willing to pay for things in wardrobe that do not keep the shape and have no added value. Therefore I started to experiment a bit..

It began with the skirt  I posted lately and ended with 5 skirts at a time and fortunately, for next couple of months I am done with skirts. The usual issue then followed with the Winter Coat. I was browsing online shops, visited all the Stores I could think of in Bratislava and I ended up with Marcel Holubec Coat from Kapsula by Tonbogirl again. I have to say I would NEVER buy a GOLD COAT (!) but it felt so natural and it was fitting all my wardrobe so much I realized it was time to invest in Quality and Brand covered by a Skilled Professional behind.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
Think of your clothes as an investment. And not only splurge.
So far I do not regret any day of wearing them!

Oct 11, 2014

#Statement #skirt

Dear all, it happened to be an ordinary afternoon when I met my dream right in person. Pardon.
In reality actually. Just before I was about to sit and write down couple of next goals I wanted to achieve in the upcoming months. (Have you noticed they are actually coming true when you write it down? Really!) Nevertheless. You might think that women are "roztopašné" :) creatures and it is so sometimes but when it comes to THE RIGHT SKIRT, it is always something that we worry about.
If you want to support a good thing, go to Kapsula POP-UP SHOP at Safarikovo námestie even today and find your dream piece as well! Meanwhile check their webpage here.

Oct 6, 2014

#Fall means fall indeed..

As I was walking around all those trees that were suddenly changing colors and rushing into many places at the same time, I realised I was suddenly cold and it was about time to change wardrobe and attitude, too. 

After 2-weeks of illness that has not been treated well and that still resonates with me, I reconsidered and decided it is time to FOCUS and instead of rushing everywhere, DO THINGS WITH PURPOSE. No one actually likes falling right? Maybe Fall as a season on the streets and in the woods is fine and  acceptable but otherwise I am saying, "No, thanks", I have had enough of tired bones and body that is "malade toujours" as French say.
Have a nice fall everybody, change the color in your wardrobe so that you have new energy and if you have more time than me, then go for the great book: 
P.s. I did the audio version and it was superb!

Sep 3, 2014

#La #maison en France

 In case you have been living in the city for more than 15 years as me, you can maybe understand the amount of joy and admiration that I felt when I had the chance to see and experience the French "campaign" without any additions, just PURE LIFE AND ITS DAILY ROUTINES...
                             Coffee smelling in the kitchen filled with objects made with love..
 Combination of wood and stone decorated with the hands of skillful blackmith´s hands.
Kids that have all they need to be happy..
And me actually, too.. :)
I hope you all had a nice vacation somewhere ...

Aug 19, 2014

#Rest in peace..

Yep, that was the thing I have not tried myself for a long long time..  So I had to stop..   For a while.. 
AND dream.. AND walk in the woods.. AND breathe.. AND laugh..  
AND I had to remind myself AGAIN.
p.s. I hope all of you have your vacations either behind, planned or continuing... Enjoy!!!