Jan 30, 2016

#Prague Girl.. and #fashion..

You know, I was honestly wondering when it would come.. This feeling that you are at home somewhere for real and also your other dreams and aspirations have come true along with that. And today, when I woke up in the morning, I unpacked my suitcase, looked around the mess that is waiting for our cleaning lady to help us with, I realised THIS IS IT!!! New year has come, things will be good no matter what might happen in the future. 

But to the most important and probably the least valuable point, I realised I am a Prague girl finally!!!
I managed it!!! I was continually trying to invite more colours into my closet for quite some time and I did it without ruining my budget, only thanks to the lots of walks around Prague vintage stores and second hands.. No shame about that, if you cannot get the cuts and colours you want in normal shops, this was the best invested time and exercise, too!!! :) 

Yes, I also discovered COS, that made my life a bit more colourful, but I was saved up by the fact the actual real store is opening here only next month, so I limited myself to few shoppings online and using sales. :) Otherwise, lots of sorting, dreaming, reading up, listing magazines, trying not to buy things that do not suit me happened.. Also, I switched to dresses instead of jeans. What a change!!! 

I found out they are perfectly versatile. You can wear then during summer, spring and autumn with some nice ballet flats, trainers or boots, in winter you add warmer boots and jeans beneath it and you are done!!! The only problem I have now is to find out what kind of jacket is going with all those dresses and I guess I will have no more excuses for shopping so soon otherwise.. 

 Well. I guess I am done for now. The last thing I changed was something that look a longer time and I still am not sure where it would end. My hair. I am no longer a redhead because I felt it this way. So hopefully you will all survive it with me and I will have more chances to wear colours again!!! 

So what do you say? Will you survive to look at me still??? 

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