Feb 14, 2016

#Prague Girl.. and #art..

After almost one year in Prague I would not believe I could manage to skip the most important things to see but I did and managed that with grandiosity. This weekend I was taken innocently "for a walk" to see some art at Veletrzni palac and what should have been 2 hours spent wandering at boring exhibition ended up as 6 hours of constant amazement and photography. With one specific piece of art I even sobbed a bit, moved, because the music and images together could not let any beating heart cold. So I decided to give you some reasons why you should go there, too in case you are in Prague. Not only you will see the famous Contemporary art from all around the world,  

 but UPRUM Students have their Design pieces exhibited there as a part of Czech Grand Design. 

The result you can see yourselves! 

 Lots of colours and wearable cuts and materials with sparkle, 

some of the things are funny to see and surprise you as this pinky dead? girl (Or I didn't get it?)

not mentioning the pins T-shirt, but why not to be surprised?
There is nothing more refreshing that facing something you did not expect before!

The other piece that made me cry was this installation, try to google it maybe because I think I found out the music they play in heaven, I am actually convinced of it. 

I was a bit hesitant if I should show you more of what I admired there, but then you also have to have some curiosity and surprises yourselves!!! So grab the loved ones around you 

and go to see some funny art that will make your February colourful! No matter where you are, search for the beauty in everything, there is always something to watch!!! :)

Happy February!!! :) 

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