Jun 29, 2014


How many snails can you meet during one walk in the woods? Many.. And one snake that you are the most afraid of, too, only because you stupidly asked for some sign.. Snails are funny. They move so slowly. However it seems they know where they are going. Even this thick shelter of theirs. They have a place to hide when someone is touching their tender body. Like we have our homes when the heart can have a rest. Home is where your heart is. Nothing more, nothing less. Synergy and pieces of the puzzle synchronized. 

Did you know that Carl Jung had the analogy for snails? The shell is the conscious thought process and the soft part is the unconscious one.. And they all follow into each other during our dreams.

It might be that sleeping and dreaming are important part of our lives.
.. Says the DREAMER.. 
and keeps wondering.. 

Jun 26, 2014

#The Power of Knowledge

 It is an interesting occurence when you meet people from various backgrounds and different circles you suddenly begin to realise how things are different for each culture, each reference group but other things stay the same, only the practice of doing things in a smooth way changes with the education, manners or seniority. I was doing the same mistakes again and again when I was younger and definitely I will do many mistakes in the following years, too. However, when you understand and you learn from the good Leaders it is "an honor to serve" and to be taught, your ear wants to listen because it is a gift to be treated with special care. WISDOM.

So when it happens that you see somebody who with his post and social status acts inappropriately I can not help but only wonder whether I should not help him somehow to wake up and change, otherwise I will be the one who will overcome him not because I am better but because sometimes I can be quiet when it needs to be, I let people talk before I start talking and I have the intuition that might supposedly be the unconscious mixture of my own experience that is helping me through.
There are many tactics in life but please be sure you have the RIGHT ONE, so that you are not lost in the translation, somewhere out there, in the COSMOSS..




Jun 23, 2014

#Spolu za Jedno Lano..

In the last couple of months I had a chance to speak with lots of unique Slovak young people and professionals and IT IS SO REFRESHING to see that PEOPLE IN SLOVAKIA ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY!
I am having conversations on a daily basis and I feel so inspired! Proactively different people are helping each other, we are working on projects that are meaningful with regard to the right values and our aims we share together for the better being in this little state of ours.. EXCITEMENT.

                                                             WE ALL FEEL IT IS TIME.


Jun 8, 2014

#Flowers addiction..

I have absolutely no idea how could I start wearing flowers after 15 years of wearing plain and not very much colored clothes but it happened apparently.. So the result is this..
Inline image 1

Fortunately, I haven´t bought all of the items below, just one of them.. So you can guess which one it is and I will hope that I fitted (or not?:) into your estimations.. The summer is here without actually asking us and thus it seems that what I am posting is already too much of the clothes being worn during the upcoming days.. Well, in case it will be required, I am willing to reconsider swimming suits season for a good of the readers!!!   

Jun 1, 2014

#challenges are here to challenge us..

I have so many #tasks on my life´s to do list that I am often laughing at myself thinking about all those years when I was hiding before Life, before myself. I have always been this dreaming and thinking and phantasizing creature.. I know it may sound whatever way you feel like but when you are twenty-eight and you realise that you have not been sitting on the horse´s back EVER, you either do something about it or you will die wondering how on earth this Life passed on so quickly without YOU actually living it and having control over it at least a bit.. 

So I decided to do something about it. 
I want to let myself live a Life I want for myself.
And the results are funny.

I was given back a horse who can actually fly. :)

Who would not love that?! :)

I happen to start thinking that apologies and refusals are no longer here for me..