Jun 26, 2014

#The Power of Knowledge

 It is an interesting occurence when you meet people from various backgrounds and different circles you suddenly begin to realise how things are different for each culture, each reference group but other things stay the same, only the practice of doing things in a smooth way changes with the education, manners or seniority. I was doing the same mistakes again and again when I was younger and definitely I will do many mistakes in the following years, too. However, when you understand and you learn from the good Leaders it is "an honor to serve" and to be taught, your ear wants to listen because it is a gift to be treated with special care. WISDOM.

So when it happens that you see somebody who with his post and social status acts inappropriately I can not help but only wonder whether I should not help him somehow to wake up and change, otherwise I will be the one who will overcome him not because I am better but because sometimes I can be quiet when it needs to be, I let people talk before I start talking and I have the intuition that might supposedly be the unconscious mixture of my own experience that is helping me through.
There are many tactics in life but please be sure you have the RIGHT ONE, so that you are not lost in the translation, somewhere out there, in the COSMOSS..




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