Apr 15, 2016

Experiment.. #2 Discovering new places

April weeks are a bit crazy, not only because of the weather but simply all the people are like waking up from the winter sleep, me including. I spent the first week of April browsing the new places of Petrzalka because I was so sleepy I was hoping some walks would wake me up. And as my aunt Jana showed me some secret places around the lakes (besides her amazing cooking), I went on exploring.

The season of garlic was starting and people were picking it everywhere, restaurants began to offer it in their specialties.. I also discovered how to get from my home to Hradza, the usual running route in Petrzalka heading to Austria, what I did not expect though that you can also meet horses there.

Otherwise as I am in Bratislava for doing my work, I spent most of my days in the office trying to find more people to join our team of developers. As we have a lack of people speaking German, anyone with .NET is welcome to give me a call any hour day and night .. :) The best moment was the one on Friday, where we all met in the Company kitchen and just chatted.

Later I headed to Prague for a night of sleep and then woke up in the morning ready for a road trip to Berlin where we have several friends.. :)

Not all of them we managed to meet though, apologies especially to Daniel and Katka, but be ready to get more visitors those of you whom it may be of concern! :)

We didn't do much sightseeing but we managed to walk our way through it, admiring omni-present street art, people spending time together in parks, on bicycles, everywhere actually.. 

The emphasis is on recycling, anything, living green, being free.. People even won the place of former airport to be their own recreational area for relaxing and having rented gardens..

Sharing with the poor, mañana in German way. (Do you see the recycled plastic lamp, by the way? :)

We of course also had a lots of nice food including trying the currywurst, the specialty for Berlin. 

Yes, imagine sausage covered with tomato sauce and curry with french fries. Weird combination but this is the charm of travelling, everyone has different tastes! We ended our trip on local flea market full of crazy things and talented or less talented musicians. 

We had lots of fun and we are definitely coming back, not only because we haven't seen any of the history and other friends but also because the Berlin is the monochrome city with unexpected mixture of colours! 

Your constant traveller, 

p.s. First finding of continuing with experiment, I am not ok with Slovak translation, sorry for that, it still feels more natural for me to write in English..
pp.s. The last pictures of me with blonde hair! For ever I guess!!!

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