Apr 15, 2014

Alice in Wonderland..

I have to say unfortunately but yet gratefully that in my three years and something of working in business I have experienced many things. Fun at work, creativity at work, teambuildings at work without actually having those "teambuildings", lies at work and many other things at work that you apparently cannot write into ones blog. Despite my experience that is quite wider and deeper that I ever wished for in such a short time, I somehow still cannot understand how it can happen that if you are by some chance the successful one, you will sooner or later be punished by others, more jealous ones, despite you are doing your best and the talent and energy is there, too.

I just feel like have a sigh, and tell you, I WONDER.
And I indeed wonder like ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Why do those people do that?
Should we all switch into a different career so that we work just with people who appreciate our jobs as such without the judgment or jealousy? Well. I don´t know really.. (Yep, 5 years of psychology didn´t help here). But as my father says as a response to my own imaginary question, there can´t be only presidents, lawyers and actors. Somebody has to sweep the floors, care for the roads, open the shops.. And supposedly, there have to be apparently two sides of the coin at once so that one can represent the dark and one can be the BRIGHTER opposite. Let´s be it then. :) We all want peace, right? :)

Let´s hope the law of attraction works and I will be continuously meeting those nice and skillful people as a reward for these life misunderstandings sometimes :)

                                                      Cheers to you all!!!

Life is too short to suffer for unimportant things.

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