Jul 31, 2014

#Temptations are for...

Tempting us!!! What news, phew.. I know.. I could never resist temptations though. I am more or less not able to do it now as well but in my opinion it is a matter of principles you live according to. I am sure you can read in Psychology books how your reaction to tempations is a predictor of your behavior and strength of personality,  and of course you have no control over your life as a result...  BUT..
Psychology is wonderful science. It helps me many times at my work and at understanding peoples behavior. When it comes to certain matters however, (like buying cute ballet flats, funny T-shirts or Love earings) I believe it is upon us to decide which temptations to resist and where to splurge so that we can ENJOY LIFE.. Maybe it is so, that WE CREATE THEM. OUR LIVES.
Priorities are priorities. And it may be that LOVE is indeed important to feel, to breathe.
So apparently, I am listening to this kind of "music" right now.

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