Jul 3, 2014

#Hospitals are miraculous places..

There are times when everyone should be remindered of how family is important. Those of you who are part of my bigger family all know how often I am the one that is "lost in the world" and then I have to "find myself again and again" and come back admitting I was lost.   
Hospital times are tough but filled with LOVE as nowhere else.
All members of my family could tell you stories about how we lived half a year near the hospital only to give my mother the best possible care and the biggest *LOVE* we were capable of at the time before she passed away. All that only for creating something that would SURPASS THIS WORLD OF OURS that is so short, so beautifully vane in each moment.
 The similar story was happening the whole year after when we were taking care of our grandmother who was mourning so hardly that at the end she could not overcome the grief. Despite all that I still think we had our most precious family times in hospitals. We all knew our priority is to be at the hospital together with the one in need during visitors hours and thus we were drinking hot chocolate and coffee, while eating the best cheesecakes and muffins, chatting about our lives and all that we were dealing with at the moment. Only after these times we learned that we should honor presence of each other more.
Despite the hospital times are tough, you have to make the most of it.
What I understand from these events happening again and again is that when certain occurences in life are repeating, there is nothing else we can do but to accept them as natural cycles of the nature.
We are all here to help others,
hopefully one day our smiles will be awarded.
Because you know yourselves,
Whatever we sow, this we will also reap!!! ;)

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