Dec 5, 2014

#Drawings and Fairytales..

I was actually never a "toy" person, even when I was supposed to, as a child.. My first Teddy bear Alfred was given to me by my dear classmates during high school on my 18th Birthday and they all had great fun that instead of toys I had been collecting Cosmopolitans during my childhood :) As times are changing however it seems that childhood and fairytales have some meaning in our lives..

They cheer us up, they remind us the good things that will never change and they guide is in a language that we can understand.. That´s why so many adults end up watching fairytales even in the movies. We all can find something that connects with us at certain level..
 *  Happy Christmas season dear friends. *
We are living our fairytales, so let´s better decide who we want to be!
 p.s. The gifted author it this one, and you can buy the other drawings at Kapsula. :)


  1. Krásny obrázok. Vianoce sú na druhej strane hlavne o hračkách. Slovných, či tých hmotných. Ja si momentálne robím radosť ozdôbkami na stromček. ;)

  2. Jeej, super! Posli foto! :)

    1. Foto môžeš momentálne nájsť na mojom blogu :), neskutočne sa z nich teším a je to nejaký ten návrat k starej klasike :)