Nov 7, 2014

#Les #achats

Last month was full of ""les achats" unexpected. I fell in love with skirts. And I fell in love with quality. I found out at last that I am no longer willing to pay for things in wardrobe that do not keep the shape and have no added value. Therefore I started to experiment a bit..

It began with the skirt  I posted lately and ended with 5 skirts at a time and fortunately, for next couple of months I am done with skirts. The usual issue then followed with the Winter Coat. I was browsing online shops, visited all the Stores I could think of in Bratislava and I ended up with Marcel Holubec Coat from Kapsula by Tonbogirl again. I have to say I would NEVER buy a GOLD COAT (!) but it felt so natural and it was fitting all my wardrobe so much I realized it was time to invest in Quality and Brand covered by a Skilled Professional behind.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
Think of your clothes as an investment. And not only splurge.
So far I do not regret any day of wearing them!

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