Mar 16, 2014

Food Market in Stará Tržnica..

Yesterday was another day when many of the Bratislava´s people rushed into the Stará tržnica to buy a good food while talking to their friends at the same time. Definitely it was a better program before voting and jumping into the bed afterwards as the weather turned out to be indeed nasty. 

My choice this time: Avocado oil and Himalayan Salt by Atlas, Fettucine n.20 by FantastiCo, Sahral blanc wine by Fedor Malik & Syn. and unexpectedly received gift from a friend, Devínsky Ríbezlák (currant wine:). Mission fulfilled, hopefully this TREND OF RETURNING TO THE NATURE AND THE BASICS will last longer than any of other, currently so-popular trends around..  

And as it is still weekend, let´s all have some rest, 
maybe that after the results of the election, we may believe in the better future again..

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