Oct 27, 2015

Red and green..

During the last weeks I felt the contrast of two different world views. "I can't and everything is unfair in this world" and "I can do whatever I want and I am the creator of things".

I just want to say. DO NOT EVER WAIT FOR MIRACLES. They do exist and they come when we do not expect them at all but life is about CHOICES. I have seen how some of us are uncomfortable when life is not going as it should be. I myself had to do some unpleasant things this year, move three times to different places, I even changed jobs twice. But the result is worth it, I created home in two cities and I am creating home even at work. And it was all so worth it!!! 

SO accept anything that is unpleasant and move forward. ("Na zastrelu" sign is simply a very innocent coincidence of our street from different angle but actually shows the point:). KILL THE USELESS STUFF. AND WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, START DOING IT NOW. 

I am going to LEARN GERMAN and enjoy the autumn atmosphere in both Bratislava and Prague.
I am going to buy home some HOT CHOCOLATE AND WARM COLORFUL SOCKS.
I am going to buy myself some CRAZY HAT, too!!! (I will not be the only one out there :)

Last, but not least, I am going to plan some ridiculous TROPICAL HOLIDAY after Christmas. 


Start fulfilling your dreams and RISK!
Without risking you can never gain something new!

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