Apr 13, 2015

#last pieces of black

I have always had a very special relationship to black color. I do not know why I liked it so much but it has always meant some kind of refuge and the option with which I can count always. I think I tried to hide behind it so that I am not very much on eyes and it many times reflected my mood. Hide behind the clothes and contemplate. That was the main target of my closet and probably mind, too.

After many comments from my friends and relatives I decided I will do something about it. Next weekend I am planning to do some shopping with ELLE and its Shopping fever in Prague and I will try to undergo a radical change in my black dressed closet. The new challenge will be to target it to non-formal clothes as well, as I actually haven´t tried wearing trainers or anything really confy  because I have been this "business casual" type for quite a some time.. Writing these things may be a non-value post (forgive me that!) but I hope it will contribute to the new look and some positive spring vibes you can share with me too!!! Will try to show you the results of my efforts later on! :)

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