Apr 8, 2015

#Superstitions, spices and other Zanzibar surprises..

As you may know, Zanzibar is very famous for its Global position for trading with spices. I learnt from people there that when you are drunk, you chew the cardamon seeds before you go home or try the cinnamon tea once you have some stomach problems. Lemongrass tea, on the other hand, is very good for high pressure or a great protection against the mosquitos. Cumin and turmeric are good for blood and temperatues. Apparently, we people have still similar problems in life, only the details can be more complicated depending on culture.

As for example the concept of cheating on someone, aka tips and tricks on spying your #loved ones. In their culture men who travel frequently are advised to plant this "TOUCH ME NOT" plant everywhere in the garden around the house so that in case they return from business trips, the potential lover(s) can not escape so easily, and they have the proof that their women have been unfaithful.. I just wonder why they did not continue to tell us the other way round advice.. Oh yes.. Because they can have as many women as they want and that´s it. 

I am glad I am living a different life. 
Despite all the potential mid-life crisis (mine or others´:) 
I hope some things are cleared out already.

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