Sep 12, 2015

Lifestyles might change you but you change them first!

I tried to behave last weeks and give myself some proper rest. Thank God I am in the new city, otherwise I would not know what to do with all the freedom I suddenly had! Are you also finding yourselves in situations when you suddenly have free time and you do not know what to do? As I did not want to be only connected to the internet and read and watch whatever came to my mind, I decided to go for daily walks across Prague. I needed to relax, I needed to breathe, I needed to think. 

 Turns out there is something about all those famous people who went for daily walks to think over their work, life or just totally unimportant details that were bothering them at the time. So I did the same and effect was quite pleasant. Found a lots of beautiful spots, corners, coffee places.

I also had time to get back to some things I was considering to retry again.. Drawing, cooking, reading, visiting museums and exhibitions, enjoying good wine and lots of love.. Ok, some of them I do on a regular basis, I will not argue against that, we all know the real truth about me!

But the fact is that everything goes so quickly, that we rarely have time to stop, look around, think if we go the right direction and which direction is the right one actually.

If we only found time for analyzing that! And who would actually like to do it? Of course noone.. But what if we end up wondering around and in the circles before it is too late to start changing things and doing all kind of crazy and foolish activities we always wanted to try??? What then???


Funny to read this from a girl who isn´t even 30, right? Never mind, I just wanted to write it somewhere and as anybody can have a blog these days, it is a legitimate excuse where to put these kind of things in your head. You know, women have "the midlife crisis" (as my boyfriend calls it) way sooner than men, so here you go Life, I found out some things for myself, too!!! Show must go on but I prefer to be the Director from now on, it is of course better to control at least something.. 

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