May 11, 2015

#Doers are the ones

I have to say.. I was playing with this idea for a while.. Or maybe not an idea but an attitude to life as such.. You know, these days.. Everyone on Instagram, Twitter and other Social Networks (me including) states that he/she is a Dreamer/Blogger/Adventurous Life Lover. It´s like a new social label saying that you are open minded, courageous, cool. I am not going to say it is bad or anything like that however what I realised is that for the last five or ten years I used to describe myself like that, a Dreamer has been my second name. I liked it and I kind of believed in it in my head, too. 

What is changing however is that I find myself no longer ok with this description. I am somehow switching to a different identity of myself, though a little scary one. I want to be a Doer instead of a Dreamer. I waited so long for some things to happen and I always had excuses why this is not possible and why that is not going to happen. You know what? As I am getting older and my 30th birthday is happening this year (milestone? or no stone? :), anyway there is still quite some time before that happens) I feel there are many things that we actually can influence. And we do not need only to wait for our Dreams to come true. We can contribute to their realisation significantly.

Doing instead of Dreaming is my goal for the upcoming life season. 
I am no longer scared to open some doors. There might be different things behind it but it also means you are not stagnating, you are moving forward.. With gratitude.

Special thanks to the ones who reminded me that fear does not help anyone nor anything.

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