Jul 25, 2015

Newcomer to Prague..

It has been several weeks already since I am a newcomer to Prague. So close to Slovakia but feeling so far from where I was before so short time ago brings moments of freedom, realization of things I was hiding in front of myself.. New life is in the process..

I have to say, after few explorations of the city and plenty of first- hand experiences, people and the way of life in Prague are so much different!!! :)

1. Nobody cares if you are wearing your label clothes, dirty jeans, pink hear or tattooed body, though my latest obsession for a piece of style was caused by being sunburn in Gibraltar (will write more later about it) so I had to start properly looking for a hat, because I haven´t bought one there.

2. There is no "showing off" (as we know very well from Eurovea, Primi etc. in Bratislava) whatsoever, even the bars when you can go and pretend you are someone else are in minority, on the other hand you can find here cute shops, small cafes and niche restaurants..

3. Girls everywhere wear converses and trainers with dresses, skirts, jeans.. The center makes it impossible to wear heels, fortunately I have never worn them, so now I have the good excuse :)

4. Food here is incredible! You pay less and you get better meals by looks and by tastes, surprise for me is the start with american brunches and fresh cider everywhere.. 

5. You can see people are paying attention to different values.. Art, creativity, family, quality time.. They are visiting concerts, galleries, zoo, going to the theatres, trying different courses.. 

I do not know how it will continue, but so far (even if I haven´t met with all my friends here yet!) I have a feeling it was a good decision. Not an easy one, but a good one. Peace is important. Also time for resting and turning back to creativity and learning is one of worth. Fingers crossed for me everyone! New job and new city bring new challenges but hopefully we will get used to each other more and more and things will be fine..

 Sending regards from colorful Prague for now!!!

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