May 20, 2013

The return from Egypt survival mode..

I somehow noticed that it may be some secret rule that getting used to a new culture, the hot weather and different kind of people seems to be much more easier than coming back from holiday and trying to get used to your normal life. I find it weird (do you think it is a sign I should consider moving to live somewhere else?)

It just felt so natural to be near the sea, run on the beach, eat only vegetables, read favourite magazines and worry about nothing, maybe only if you have enough sun lotion put on.

I also noticed, while being this time in Egypt, that different types of food, for example baked bread form the woman who looks totally shy and mysterious and smiling at the same time is indeed a pleasure to eat, especially when you need to wait for it. You became more appreciative for things that amaze you.

 There were many kinds of animals that I could see for the first time, thanks to snorchling and the Red sea, (I will not mention that with the result of being almost baked and red afterwards :) but of course, I should not forget the camels, which I had the pleasure to greet for the second time in this year. Sadly, I still did not have enough courage (or willingness to pay:) to go and enjoy a ride with them. 

What one can definitely enjoy, is the luxury of having the room done after one came back from the beach, no worries about cooking, just the constant feel of the sea salt in the hair and dreaming of ones life to be while deciding what to wear for the night. Shortened version. Yes, I went there to relax, not to think deep, sorry..
Ok, I am almost sure that everyone thinks of me now what a shallow and pathetic woman I am :) 

Again this? (You may ask..) Yes, my dear ones, again, because the woman somehow hence slowly but continually finds out that it is much more rewarding putting your money into yourself and others, into something you can remember with smile and thankfulness, something you can tell your kids about, something that is invisible but stays so vivid, that it is impossible to forget. Precious time of relax. As is also an investment for my education, "par example". So that I can fulfill my dream from January and continue with French, just in case my opportunities get larger and I suddenly get hit by an idea I belong somewhere else.

And the survival solution for the return from holiday? 

Go and buy another magazine worth reading for, the one you bought for a special holiday occasion, that costs a little more, but is good for your health. It will remind you the feeling of reading it with your legs covered with the sand and omnipresent sunshine. Rest a lot, sleep a lot, laugh a lot, love a lot, meet your friends a lot. DREAM BIG. BELIEVE IT CAN ALSO COME TRUE. Coming back from an amazing country is not a deal, but still. There are dreams that  this experience triggers and the question of which those are, we shall leave for everyone´s imagination, shall we?

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