Jan 14, 2014

Thailand.. #1.Culinary wonderland

After running unexpectedly into the travel agency office and asking about possible cheap flights to Thailand and being answered there are last two tickets for the good prize and paying immediately, only then I started to realise that I am indeed heading to the other part of the world, the Exotic one, with its own culture and life. And all of this reminded me again, that as a part of the tradition from the last year it is the best idea to leave right after Christmas to go to a different part of the world where one can find a summer-like weather, white sand beaches and sea, and exotic air and... you can imagine.. I started to look forward for the trip so much that I really almost cried with excitement. And do you know why?

Because Thailand is not only the meka of the best beaches, parties and many other things but also it is the meka of food and shopping, what means that I traveled there with only couple of t-shirts and shorts excited about everything that might come and I would buy it, I am sure you can imagine any woman who will be said she is going for the best shopping in the world for the cheap prizes, just picture her face and it is clear MADNESS!!! :) And the madness it indeed was, but as those of you who know me personally, you know that as I hold the same excitement for the shopping, it is same with me regading FOOD!!! :)

And therefore I decided to taste as many things as possible, choice was always for the food that was freshly made on the streets, before my own eyes, so that I could also see what kind of things go inside and how to prepare it as such. I loved it!!! The fact that you can watch how the papaya salad is being made also how the pad thai is being made, I saw their special way of preparing fish, banana pancakes with condensed milk, mango rice and many ways of curry preparation. Isn´t this how the learning is the most effective? First-hand experience wins every time my dear ones, therefore I learned travelling is the best way to keep fresh mind and open heart and I will keep on doing that till I will be able to afford it :).
The most amazing part of Thai food is that everything is super fresh. Fresh and moving fish and mussels everywhere, freshly made noodle soups, all kinds of meat prepared with various sauces and vegetables, different snacks and fruit that tastes like tutti-frutti, fresh coconuts all the time as well as fresh ananas, melon and mango shakes.. and many many other things.. sometimes even hard to name since you do not understand its name as such :) But who cares if it tastes well? :) And thus I tried.. most of the things I saw.

And tried..

And admired all the beauties and funny styling of some meat and fish.. :)

And as I do not want this to be just a boring post about amazing food, I decided to share with you the video I made when I was waiting for their famous Pad Thai on the street made in a minute..

Please feel free to follow the instructions and expect this travel story to be continued!!!

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