Sep 10, 2013

Walking shoes..

I do not know if I mentioned that I moved to a different place recently. It is close to the forest and it is perfect for quiet times when reflection is more than needed. 

I found out walking is great for the soul, as well as running is for the mind.. You all know me, I hated to run, I hated sport. Or let´s say, I did not prefer them!!!

And thus, I found myself these days most of my free time running in the woods, (without the wolves) discovering nice places in Bratislava even with a touch of sand (Sandberg on the picture) and wondering about all the beauties that I still have not seen around.

I even surprised myself when I got genuinely excited after having seen a perfect pair of a running trousers which I felt I need to buy because running in the shorts in fall is rather out of question or mind.

I wonder what is different these days.. I even started to wear heels and I think about buying trekking shoes.. Apparently, there are many ways how we can walk around this beautiful place called world.. My recommendation though: BAREFOOT.

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