Sep 24, 2013

Sweet and bitter..

Besides the fact that I have been recovering from quite a nasty cold during the weekend, my stomach asked for food and as I am not fond of cooking lately I decided to go for a "tram walk" and explore Dubravka and its "Hody" this year. (It is nice that you do not need to cook for two weekends, right?) I have so far went only to Raca during the last years and I was pleasantly surprised by Dubravka´s beauties. 

Nice people, PERFECT FOOD! (údené koleno, who would resist?) and calming woods around. Not even mentioning that in Sobrance, my hometown," Sobranecky Jarmok" was happening at the same time. Consider it as a nice rememberance of old times, I am sending hereby regards to ALL the people I know there.. 

There were also two things I indeed laughed about.. I realised how wine is underestimated and how much this tool (praker po východniarsky tuším) has been a part of my childhood. We used to be cleaning carpets as kids in front of our "bytovka" and it was such a fun!

So I have to report that despite the last weekend was nice and full of relaxed healing, this week is already a mess, starting with lots of work, my heart wondering what is going on and my sister being in hospital again. :( Whoever knows her, please spare some time for calling her, she will be thankful and happy to hear you. 

It suddenly seems that my tattoo has also other meanings than I planned.. HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS AND IT STAYS WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE.  Take care of those you love.  Not like me that has to be sending hugs to my special friends Olina and Denisa via this writing because I was such a terrible friend lately. Girls, I love you. Let´s get together soon.

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