Oct 4, 2013

Quiet movement..

It seems that I started to wear black again what I am quite surprised to notice. Probably it is the result of sudden changes in my overall life relationships. However, at least I kept to my tradition and have undergone the radical hair change (again:) and loved the new haircolor that Slavka is a master of creating.. 

So I was wearing black these days and I was trying to be shining through smile and hair even when I was asking myself all these weird questions like "where am I going, " what are my goals for the upcoming period", and fortunately, "where should I go for some vacation".. If there are any suggestions or even INVITATIONS, do not hesitate to contact me!!!
 I am an eager new-born traveler.. :)

During these days when the last sun is smiling at us, I suppose we all need to think of ways how to survive this period of darker environment around us that is called FALL. I wonder who created that word..

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