Oct 15, 2013

Beauty in business..

No matter what people tell you, in business black and white is indeed not only a nice combination when formal matters are being discussed, but also the one with which you can never go wrong. The advice given many times on the blogs of different origin is that you should dress up one level more you are actually supposed to. This is of course under condition you would like to be promoted, if you decide to aim higher.. This elevator can actually take me higher only up to 4th floor, so I should think about my goals properly but I am really wondering.. Do you people give yourself any goals? Is it something that we are still clear on?  I have made a new set of goals for the next upcoming period and one of them is actually starting with wearing braces. Invisible and pretty expensive, but I would like to invest into my health. How about you? Anything to share for inspiration of others?

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