Oct 31, 2013

Changing lanes..

I do not know whether or not you are familiar with the story about origin of pearls. Metaphor about process where pain and discomfort can bring something beautiful as pearls are is for me one of the best examples of life. Through pain there always comes something precious, something admirable, sheer beauty..

There is a saying in one Book mentioning how you should not give your pearls to those who do not deserve it.. I reminded that to myself when I realised I stopped wearing pearls because they are "too precious" for everyday life and they should be saved for later.  I changed my mind.

I realised that though I thought I do not deserve some of the things, I should act however, right the opposite..

There is so many sayings about everyone´s value and beauty, but if you indeed do not start from yourself, from appreciating your life and who you are, you can not expect that other people will be treating you differently. And thus, this is going to be my reminder that all of us have an incredible value in this short life. Anyone who is going to show me the opposite will need to leave.. We all deserve TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

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