Nov 23, 2013

Saturdays are for...

I do not know whether all of you had this habit in your families that Saturdays are predestined for cleaning the household.. I genuinely could not stand this during my childhood and when I went to live apart from my parents when I was fifteen I switched to a different timetable and regime immediately. And I hold to that from then on. I tend to clean my apartment during the week, couple of minutes here and there and I keep the promise I made to myself to have some rest during Saturdays. And thus I ended up yesterday, after having some nice dinner at Steak house, rushing at last minute to a bookstore only to finally buy myself something nice to read with intention of trying to stay nailed to my bed full of pillows for as long as possible during the following day. I have to say that normally I do not end up with this kind of literature but the urge to read I felt yesterday only reminded me that I somehow forgot what I studied on University. Psyche, the human soul and behavior.. I think it is time to start educating myself again. I almost lost this urge to search for deeper knowledge. Apparently, we can all loose ourselves in the routines of every day reality. Let´s all try to stop for a while from time to time, so that we can check where we stand and where we are going..

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