Dec 25, 2013

Little world of Oxford..

 My trip to Oxford start as me being an exploring tourist and actually ended like I was "one of them".. Them meaning all those University students wondering and rushing around the city, sometimes wearing their gowns, sometimes riding their bicycles, but always with that expressions on their faces that they are serious about EVERYTHING and their general interest in everything around made me deeply reconsider why I am not taking this life more seriously. :) And I mean it. If you are part of the conversation where you have changed the topic from statistics, physics, economy, psychology and stock market in 15 minutes you start asking yourself whether you are in real world or it is all just a dream of an intellectually thirsty soul.. 

And thus I began enjoying Oxford as a thankful observer and appreciator of everything that this city offered. I wondered around the streets to discover famous bookstores, unexpected buildings covered by green leaves and beautiful University Gardens full of colors even on the beginning of December.

 (Btw. Did you know that every college has at least two gardeners and one stonedresser? :) 
 I was shopping extensively, I drank coffee and chai latte in cafeterias to enjoy the rushing mass of people, I tried to fake a British accent which I failed every time (sending regards to all my US friends:) and I indeed was breathing FREEDOM again. Not that I was in prison before :),  but somehow I slowed down and explored and explored..and it was WONDERFUL. Not mentioning the books I found.. 

I had a serious decision making problem when deciding what books should I buy and how my luggage is going to be heavier again.. But I managed it, view some nice books as inspiration for gifts to my friends, I managed not to buy all those nice diaries and notebooks (except one, of course, that is an ultimate diary for me for the next two years, I simply could not resist:) and thankfully I also managed to buy some Christmas gifts for my family. BUT. THE STORY DOES NOT END THERE.
Because being in Oxford and a guest of an Oxford student is a very pleasant privilege since you can access the places that others cannot. And thus I was learning Scotch dances during my first night of the stay with bunch of other Oxford students, I enjoyed Christmas concert connected with Anglican church mass where the famous men choir of Oxford was singing with awe and all people of Oxford were wearing their famous gowns . I was even invited as a guest to their "Harry Potter like" famous dinners when students are being served. (!) I loved it, the wholeness of it and the charm of the tradition that Oxford still holds.. Now.. Which one of you still thinks Oxford is nothing but bunch of pride guys? You are right, but the guys have the reason to be proud, if I were on their place, I would be proud too!!! 

And at the end I would like to thank Maruska, who invited me to join for a while her little world of wonders..

Happy Christmas season everyone, 
I will be in Thailand for the next two weeks, so you can look forward to the posts from there soon :)
Meanwhile enjoy the end of this beautiful year and write your to-do lists for the one that follows :) 

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