Dec 11, 2013

Nothing against Notting Hill..

Well. As I might have said to some of you, one of the most important findings this year was that it is really worth for me to save my vacation for winter days. And as I am still not sure whether my Thailand trip is going to happen, I decided to head for a different direction, England.

And was I surprised how the country changed since  have been there last time. I completely forgot about all those nice cabs that look like from James Bond movie, about driving on the right side, about the accent and omnipresent tweed jackets and leather satchels. I actually headed to Oxford to visit my longterm great friend Maruska who has studied there and is currently working on her Phd. there and whose invitations to come to Oxford I tried to postpone for quite a some time.. 

But as Oxford is totally charming itself I decided to firstly share some impressions from the London´s Notting Hill where we went discovering its famous vintage markets. And we indeed did not expected it will be that crowded!!!  The streets were crowded, people explored beauties of old antique things that were not actually so neccessary to buy, and trying clothes that actually were not that fitting as one would say.  

And thus I am sending you a little messed postcard from one messy afternoon spent in Notting Hill with my two good friends originally from EGJAK (Maruska and Tana), visiting Jamie Olivers shop, browsing the streets of Notting Hill and London and curiously exploring beauties of another European country ...

And  p.s. you can be already excited.. Next time completely different picture story from Oxford will be posted soon!!!

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