Feb 6, 2015

#minimalism #1

It turns out I came to this point of throwing away half of my closet. 
I did find out I do not have the capacity to wear that much clothes I actually have.

If you are considering simplifying your life a little bit, too I recommend to have a look at Project 333, I also used to read a lot missminimalist blog, and of course there are still posts of Elin that just can not be ignored. Simple lifestyle gives space to freedom. And FREEDOM IS THE BEST. 

 So. Who wants to have a sneek peek, find my clothes on bazos.sk. And who wants some handbags, just let me know, there are still some quality leather ones left! 

Why do we have to have so many clothes and shoes??? 
When I wanted to buy some really nice underwear I was told the naked is the best.
Why all the fuss then about all that clothing!!! :)

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