Jan 26, 2015

#Sex at the City of #Prague

Don´t worry, I didn´t turn out into these female writers who keep the public diaries of their sex lives (though I have to admit I found one blog of the Czech girl with the exact topic and I liked it :).

Most of you probably do not know but I have become a very excited fan of Prague lately (Yes, we all have reasons for our likings and dislikings :) and I have to say that Prague is indeed full of surprises. It looks a bit like Vienna but the people culture is much more like Netherlands combined with some fresh mixture of Classic Elegance down-to-earth style yet. I therefore got ready for seeing some famous Opera masterpieces and DOX gallery exhibitions but what you however still will not expect on your way to your first Bloody Mary is that there happens to be a Sex Machines museum!

Needless to say, of course I was curious, you know, history is history, we should respect it and learn from it.. :) So the discovering of the human nature began..

And it went on..

And on..

And with the years passing on.. Of course the machines were getting smarter..

But to not to rob you of this funny experience I am not going to show you more.. :) My comment is just that it was indeed a funny start of the discovering of Prague´s beauties.. Not even mentioning I managed to buy trainers in an hour (!!!) instead of my usual half -a- year period when I cannot find anything nice.. I finally realized that there is certain charm to these European cities.. We should all discover them more.. Especially when they are not that far away, right?

Who wants to go to Prague now? :)

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