Feb 7, 2014

Crying out with wolves in the woods..

I have to say that I tried quite hard not to loose the passion and motivation I felt at the beginning of the year. Once you catch yourself to be in the routine, you can find out is indeed a nasty friend of yours. Fortunately, there are some steps needed to be done in order to save yourself from this grey environment we live in, especially during these cold winter months. Once you start to action unexpectedly even for yourself, it turns out the world becomes a colourful place to live in, you just have to do steps that are needed for your goals accomplishments. Therefore there were some of the things I had longer in mind and I decided to do them immediately after I returned from Thailand.

1. I applied for intensive French course lessons 
2. I had all my doctor check-ups made
3. I asked for promotion at workplace I love
4. I decided not to accept better paid work offers only because I love my job, and as the freedom and flexibility are for me the highest values ever and I am so thankful to have them at current job
5. I bought myself tickets for Jamie Cullum´s concert in June (one of the very little musicians I listen to)
6. Instead of a gift for my namedate I choose a horse riding lesson (I never sit on one:)
6. I started to exercise and walk to work everyday (there are some beauties in Bratislava I discovered)
7. I am going to write a journal (for public) mentioned to be once a potential book (do not laugh:)
8. I am going to be ALIVE and NOT BORED this year!

Please feel free to make your own goals, I would not believe that thinking about them and actually doing steps heading to their fulfillment can be such an easy and quick process. 
All you need is really just to START DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!

And p.s. the book about "crying out with wolves" that I put in the name of the post should be in the compulsory reading list of every woman! You can buy it here or search for it somewhere else :)

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