Feb 20, 2014

Spring or not to spring..

I guess you all noticed how this winter appeared to be everything but not a proper white cold winter.. I tried to adjust accordingly, as you could see, I ran to a warmer country but as they forecasted rain again and despite, it was sunny again, I realized it is maybe time to think about upcoming spring.. I always tried to run away from patterns and flowers, lines vs. dotted clothes but I suddenly started to admire all the window shops around filled with so many colors and patterns.. So far I resisted to shop, we´ll see till when.:) Meanwhile I splurge on inspiration coming from everywhere.. Just look at this photography, simple combination and yet a strong effect! I am close to the look with my new glasses (2 Euro, Thai) that are a bit bigger but hopefully they will be chic.. I will post them on Instagram.. Sometimes it is really hard to look at yourself from a different angle and be honest with yourself what is complimenting your face and appearance, isn´t it??? Fortunately for this we have friends... Let me know your thoughts and inspiration for the spring, too.. :)

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