Feb 16, 2014

When no Valentine was around..

I happenned to be alone on a Valentine´s day.. 
Not alone alone as I was at work, had several interviews and had a very nice chat with my precious sister accompanied by wine and good food but as my true Valentine was by certain circumstances far away from me I found myself being alone on a Valentines´s night and I have to say, I did not expect it will be similarly pleasant as if being with somebody else.  Me and ´other me´ are still a funny company to be with, right? :) 

I suddenly had the time to start writing the diary I was reconsidering for a longer time, I went straight to reading the book I bought about running (btw. quite funny:) and with regards to that I found myself exercising in the living room with music turned out loud. I finished and went back happily to bed with a feeling that world can be a better place tomorrow for me.  

The point of this all however is that I somehow realized that even if you are living with somebody and you two are ´being a couple´, you have to have your inner freedom, live your life and that does not necessarily mean that you have to be together all the time. My whole family would tell you that each time I fell in love I was like on a roller-coaster, not listening to anybody, just doing what I wanted to do with guess- who I wanted to be with. And so they gave up expecting anything else from me another time this happened and still is happening. And though I would love to tell you that I am a new person after one night, it is not so. I just somehow realized that we all need FREEDOM in our lives and only after that you can freely decide what you want and if you want to live your life with somebody special to your heart. 

And so I can at least say that I miss YOU and come back home soon.


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