Feb 23, 2014

Never say never..

How often we agree and pass this message further.. And despite this saying I ended up unexpectedly (or maybe a little) as this utter and foremost proof, when moving again from one place to another, not ceasing to dream about a home I will once be creating for others with either the right person to share with or myself but being happy...

And as the second option is the current status, I decided to fulfill also the other part of this second scenario and I will try to take it with an attitude hopefully worth of an adult.. I am to be authentic, positive, determined and still continuing with the goals I made for myself about my life and my future.. No matter what... But of course, let´s give a space to Mr. Life itself.. You never know.. :)

And if by any chance there will be a change in my ´living´ statuses, I will not move out to be somewhere else so soon afterwards. Only under the exception I wanted to leave the country in order to be closer to my beloved sun, beaches and sea everywhere around...
And meanwhile,


The chance your dreams might come true is not that low as you might think it is. Really.

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